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Is this normal toddler boy behaviour?

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ClareVoiant Thu 03-Apr-08 16:31:42

bit embarrasing really, ds has spent the last hour face down lying on the sofa, fully clothed nappy on, humping his blankie and grunting. he's getting very hot and sweaty, when i try to get him to stop he tells me to go away. when i asked him "what are you doing?" he told me "rubbing willy on mumu (blankie)".

I had a visitor come to the house and we sat in the kitchen as i didnt know what to do.

he's 2 and a half.

lljkk Thu 03-Apr-08 16:36:12

What to do?: open a bottle of wine after your friend goes and try not to think what your DS's teenage years will be like.

ClareVoiant Thu 03-Apr-08 16:38:13

oh, wasn't a friend, was a middle aged sales man.

ClareVoiant Thu 03-Apr-08 16:39:05

so perfectly normal then?

JodieG1 Thu 03-Apr-08 16:39:51

I've never experienced this but I'm sure it's perfectly normal.

winestein Thu 03-Apr-08 16:43:05

Well, my son has done it....

And this morning he said his bottom hurt so I rubbed it for him. He said, no, not that bottom, this bit - pointing at his willy. I refused on every ground possible and he said "but it is nice mummy. I will rub it"


lljkk Thu 03-Apr-08 16:43:42

Within the normal spectrum, anyway.

I can beat that. We had some kind of handiman around (carpet cleaner?). Anyway, DD was 3 or 4 and decided to roll around on the floor, in a dress... with no knickers on... and she kept flashing her bum because she thought it was funny.
-- Yuck, cringe, frantic remedial action...

ClareVoiant Thu 03-Apr-08 16:59:11

smile winestein, well i'm glad to know I'm not alone. he's stopped now (for a chocolate digestive). next time i think i'll just offer him a biscuit.

duomonstermum Thu 03-Apr-08 16:59:32

perfecltly normalgrin the thing to do is not make a big deal out of it cos if he finds out that it provokes a reaction he's liable to try and do it everywheresmile so long as you point out that while he can do that at home it's not acceptable anywhere else and he can't do it in front of company leave well alone and he'll grow out of it. it's a phase they go through and while its blush for us it's part of growing

Drusilla Thu 03-Apr-08 17:01:15

I'm so glad someone else has this! DS (nearly 3) spends a lot of time doing this to his bear and DH has been on at me to post on here and see if anyone elses DS does the same thing!

KristinaM Thu 03-Apr-08 17:07:28

we have boys of two and three. As soon as the 3yo was out of nappies he became very interested in what was inside his pants. he is very impressed with what happens when he rubs or touches it and likes to tell everyone

then he adds at the end

" you only take it out in private"


he usually gets bored after about 5 mins and never gets "hot and sweaty". We have never had humping but certainly playing with yourself is normal 2-3yo boy behaviour

ClareVoiant Thu 03-Apr-08 17:13:04

thanks duomonstermum, i'll try to ignore it (though it is keeping him occupied and he's not making a mess grin - he's started again now, while i sort the tea out).

I do hope its not going to become his new favourite thing (though being male i suspect it may!).

fortyplus Thu 03-Apr-08 17:14:43

At that age mine would get up in the morning, remove his nappy and pyjama bottoms, turn on the tv and sit there pulling the end back and forth, stretching it out to impossible dimensions.

They soon develop inhibitions and won't do it in public any more - God knows what they get up to in private!

They're 12 and 14 now.

So yes... distasteful but perfectly normal grin

BarcodeZebra Thu 03-Apr-08 20:33:05

You think it's just boys!


DD1 (3 yo) humps her mother and me when she's tired.

DD2 (8 mths) laughs when I clean her "down there".

I think we should teach them shame. We're British after all.

fortyplus Mon 07-Apr-08 15:30:31

Well that certainly killed that thread! grin

justabouttohavelunch Mon 07-Apr-08 15:37:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

dippymother Mon 07-Apr-08 16:24:28

I work in a pre-school and several children (girls and boys) do it there! One girl rocks backwards and forwards when she is sitting on a chair telling us that it makes her feel "fuzzy" and a little boy we have will have his hand down his trousers and concentrates so hard on what he is doing, that he has no idea what else is going on - he shakes and sweats so much that all the staff have noticed it, however the other children are oblivious. We tend to try and distract the behaviour by finding these children alternative activities, otherwise we generally ignore it. For information, boys are unable to bring it to a conclusion IUKWIM!

phlossie Mon 07-Apr-08 16:34:30

I remember my little bro getting an erection in the car (he'd fallen in a pond, so was naked) and saying 'look mummy, Thunderbird 1!' My sister and I were old enough to be sooooo blush

MrsMacaroon Tue 08-Apr-08 09:20:41

My DD (2.5) has done this for ages- she has her 'hot spots' which are the corner of my bed (very low bed) and the arm of the sofa. If she's on your back, she'll sometimes try to hump you too...all very dog-like and much grunting. I never know what to do but my instinct is to ignore and distract. I vaguely remember 'enjoying' our sofa as a wee one and I've not turned into a sexual deviant (honest!) so I'm sure it's just natural sensory exploration etc

SirDigbyChickenCaesar Tue 08-Apr-08 09:32:14

i was just going to start a thread about this.
DS (2 and a half) constantly touches himslef and likes to 'swim' along the floor. one day we caught him with his trousers down just far enough so his willy was out, better friction i guess. none of my friends' kids are as obsessed as DS i'm so glad there are others out there!!

CorrieDale Tue 08-Apr-08 09:35:15

My DN did this. My DS hasn't. Oh no. He eschews such minor embarrassments in favour of pulling down his trousers and nappy, pulling out his willy and having a stroke in a wendy house. In a busy soft play centre. I have just about stopped blushing.

shabster Tue 08-Apr-08 09:45:09

ROFL grin I have had four sons and, believe me, all this is normal.

DS1 (now 26) used to shout, anywhere and everywhere, 'Mum I've got a rocket willy!!' My reply was always the same 'Very nice love, now put it away!!'

Going to be full time childminding DS1's first child from Christmas and - guess what - another little boy, will be back on a thread like this in about 12 months time grin

fortyplus Tue 08-Apr-08 12:46:03

I have also remembered a guy at work telling me that when his son was about six they would often be woken by shouts of



fortyplus Tue 08-Apr-08 12:47:04

Then after a few minutes...

'It's ok... it's gone now!'


Nanoon Tue 08-Apr-08 15:35:49

my DS2 (3.5) called me into the living room the other day to "come and see, look how long my willy is, its really big now".


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