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4 mo starting to roll over onto her tummy - suffocation risk

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tomkitty Wed 29-Dec-04 21:38:02

3 x in 2 days I found DD face down in her cot. This afternoon I saw how it happens. She rolled over but got her arm stuck. She held her head up for as long as she could then went face down. She didn't make much noise. I am so afraid that I won't hear her, especially as DH and I are severely jet lagged at the moment.

Gobbledigook Wed 29-Dec-04 21:41:09

She should be OK to roll over on her playmat in the day when you are around.

If you are worried about her at night. Roll up 2 blankets and put one either side of her so she can't roll over. She's fine to do this once she can roll over properly and could roll back if she wanted but if you are worried about her getting stuck, that's what I'd do for now.


tomkitty Wed 29-Dec-04 22:38:05

Thanks Gobley. I tried that once but she just pushed one to the side of the cot. She is pretty strong but not quite strong enough.

kbaby Thu 30-Dec-04 21:02:11


I had the same problem with DD. At 13 weeks she started rolling over and got her arm stuck. I made her practice on the how to roll over by rolling her off the play mat. Within 2 days she worked out how to get her arm free. She didnt learn how to roll on to her back until she was about 20 weeks. When I asked my HV because I was worried,they said that she wouldnt sleep face down anyway but would turn herself to the side and to make sure the sheets were tight and not wrinkled. Since then shes always prefered sleeping on her tummy. I did see something on the internet which was a sheet that had a pouch. You put the baby inside the pouch which was tight and they couldnt roll over. I cant remember what it was called though sorry. Probbaly someshing like 'safe sleeper'

aloha Fri 31-Dec-04 15:08:20

As far as I understand it, if they are strong enough to roll over, they are fine. You just shouldn't actively put a baby on their front.

ernest Sat 01-Jan-05 11:15:10

I was reassured by cot deat association that once they could roll themselves you didn't need to worry. I was also told not to restrain them, so if they wanted to roll you should let them. I've seen these sheets too with the pouches and also sleeping bags with straps on to tie them down . I can't imagine having a good nigjhts sleep being tied down on my back to my bed, so don't think I'd want to do it to my baby, even with the best intentions

bizzi Sun 02-Jan-05 23:06:52

I also remember worrying terribly when mine learnt to roll onto their fronts but not back again, I'm sure most babies learn to do this before building up the muscles to get back again. As was also said by ernest I'm sure it's wrong to prevent them from trying to turn and I do remember being reasured that once they were strong enough to get onto their tummies they were fine to stay there if comfy, ie they have the ability to turn their heads to one side.
My 2nd two slept in Bonne Nuit sleeping bags, these are too bulky for them too turn over in and will prevent the covers rising above their heads too, I do recommend them!

ernest Mon 03-Jan-05 04:42:03

oh yes, thanks bizzi, forgot to complete the thought - sleeping bags to tie 'em down with is but normal sleeping bag completely invaluble. dunno how people manage without.

bongobum Tue 04-Jan-05 14:12:48

I found this strange looking contraption which was essentially two rolled up bits of foam with a fabric base, adjustable using velcro
I used to put my baby in it on his side, he was very strong too but loved sleeping this way.i think it was made by 'The early years' I would highly recommend, have just given mine to SIL

handlemecarefully Tue 04-Jan-05 14:53:55

My baby did the same at about the same age. His head was turned to one side so I couldn't see how his breathing was obstructed in any way - so I just didn't worry about it. Does your dd not turn her head to one side then when on her tummy?

tomkitty Thu 06-Jan-05 07:36:57

I am not worried about her anymore. When she first started rolling over we were in Australia and slowly making our way home. She was in her bonne nuit summer bag or without any covers at all. At home in her heavier sleeping bag she can't roll over as easily, which gave her some time to practice on her playmat. Now she can now roll over and back, extricate her arm, turn her head to the side, prop herself up on her elbows, look at me, grab for toys and laugh. It was quite a frightening phase though. Lordy, what's next!

Funny how all the info seems to be about cot death not suffocation.

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