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Milk in a cup

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charlie01 Tue 28-Dec-04 10:29:27

Just wondering when we should swap from a bottle to a cup for milk?

DS is nearly 12 months and drinks water out of a cup quite happily all day. He has 2 bottles a day, morning and bedtime. Thought about changing the milk to a cup but not sure if it is too soon and if this is the right time, how to do it. Whenever I have offered milk in a cup in the past he has looked at me in disgust and refused to drink any of it.

hoxtonturkey Tue 28-Dec-04 10:36:38

i wouldn't stress about it, 2 bottles a day sounds very reasonable. lots of children have bottles 'til they're quite old, & if he's happy i would be too.

NewbarnsleygirlWalliams Tue 28-Dec-04 10:51:50

I spoke to my hv a couple of months ago with the same concern. She said that having the bottles are fine so long as they drink from mainly cup or beaker in the day. I enjoy dd still having her bottle as it's the only time I get a cuddle with her!

LIZS Tue 28-Dec-04 11:08:02

I switched the teat for a spout at around a year (a freeflowing one) so it still looked like a bottle.

bunnyrabbit Tue 28-Dec-04 12:19:10

DS only had bed time bottle by 12months and I switched this to a cup just after his birthday.

I still get cuddles as he sits on my lap for most of it.


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