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travel with 13 month old

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sharon2133 Tue 28-Dec-04 08:30:10

We just have booked a flight to cyprus ( approx 4.5 hours ) - my son will be 13 months old by then. Does anyone recommend he travel on my knee or have his onw seat. I know his own seat will cost but I don't know how uncomfortable & tiring it would be on a cramped seat with a restless 13 month old. Will a 13 month old sit in a seat ?

LIZS Tue 28-Dec-04 08:45:51

You would probably still have to hold him for take off and landing but it might enable you to eat a bit or read en route. Some airlines have car seat type fittings mounted on the bulkhead for babies and younger toddlers (BA ?) but not sure if they can guarantee one for you even if you prebook and may only be long haul.

charlie01 Tue 28-Dec-04 10:09:04

We recently took our 11 month old on a 4 hour flight and it wasn't as bad as we expected. He sat on our knees, had a bottle on takeoff then we managed to keep him amused for the rest of the time. Just had a few walks to the toilets etc. The hardest bit was trying to eat, the trays/tables were a nighmare. The only other thing thar I would say is that we found the window seat (and not being able to escape!) very difficult. I must admit now (at 13 months) I'd find a separate seat very attractive though!

Dont think you can do the carseat thing unless your on long haul?

hana Tue 28-Dec-04 10:15:51

your ds will be too big for a bulkhead cotbed at 13 months. If you can afford it I would get the extra seat - makes a big difference with a 4.5 hour flight!

jingleoooggs Tue 28-Dec-04 19:16:29

We have just flown a 9 hour flight with a 12 mth old. He was too big for the skycot and sat on our laps the whole way. We didn't have the opportunity to get the extra seat. But spoke to someone who flew with a different airline with a 12mth old and she had her own seat and they said it was great. The way out was daytime flying and he was as good as gold - he isn't normally . But was very heavy to hold on the night flight on the way home. Due to being asleep therefore a dead weight. Enjoy your holiday, whatever you decide. It's only 4.5 hours and if he kicks off, you probably won't see the other passengers again

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