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Any violin teachers , can you help please?

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bensmum3 Mon 27-Dec-04 20:26:16

Hi, I think this might be a question for yorkiegirl, or there might be someone else who can help, dd is 10 yrs and would love to learn the fiddle, i think it would be better to start violin first, but is it possible to self teach ? we live on an island in the inner hebrides so it's not possible to go to weekly lessons. Any advice would be gratefully received,

colditzcolditzcold Mon 27-Dec-04 20:29:52

Try the tune a day book, it's helping me with the violin, and I can play the trumpet competantly and I learned the trumpet with the books too. Make sure she does do the boring exercises, they are dull, but important. HTH

bensmum3 Fri 31-Dec-04 09:08:55

Thankyou, I will look that one up !

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