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how can i encourage them 1st steps?

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lilsmum Fri 24-Dec-04 20:11:46

dd 11mth almost, has been cruising for ages!!! she will stand for a min or 2 without holding on, and i have bought her one of those push walker things which she is a dab hand at, how can i help encourage her to have the nerve to let go and take them 1st steps?? i kno once she has had a go she will be running!!but i dont think she has the courage to do it, how can i help???

Frizbethereindeer Fri 24-Dec-04 20:17:30

my dd has just kicked into doing it by herself after walking holding onto my fingers! to be honest she took her 1st few steps by herself at 13mths on the dot, after cruising for 2 mths! and she'd still rather try and run whilst holding onto me! than walk by herself.

nasa Fri 24-Dec-04 20:17:31

don't worry about it. it doesn't matter. my DS (now 3) didn't walk until he was 18 months, it makes little difference in the end

karenanne Fri 24-Dec-04 20:17:57

hi lilsmum.i know how you feel my son was the same lol does she walk holding your hand?if so walk with her holding her hand then whilst walking casually let first few times she may fall over but she'll soon get the hang of it.thats how i got my son walking,he was very unconfident but now hes running all over the place.
although once she gets going you may wish she'd never started!lol
merry xmas

lilsmum Fri 24-Dec-04 20:52:18

thanks everyone, and happy xmas!!!!

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