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Baby led weaning - what's the best book on this subject?

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Anna8888 Tue 11-Mar-08 11:50:12

I was chatting to another mother outside school this lunchtime who told me that her DS in my DD's class (so about 3.6) still won't eat on his own but wants to be fed shock. Said mother would like her newborn baby (2 months) to learn to feed himself in due course and I told her about BLW, which I did pretty instinctively with my DD.

The mother is Iranian but can read English. What book can I recommend to her to get her on the right track?

Aitch Tue 11-Mar-08 11:54:59

there is no book, anna, although gill rapley is writing one.
if i say so myself, the best place to go is, i've collected the best links online and put them on the front page. smile

Anna8888 Tue 11-Mar-08 12:08:35

Thanks Aitch, I've sent the mother a link to the site smile. I expect she's in for a surprise - she's used to all those awful French things like putting puréed vegetables in with the formula in the bottle shock from three months.

tahli Fri 05-Aug-11 21:33:48

Yikes that sounds awful. I just came onto this site for tips and it was incredible! So glad she refused to eat off a spoon now!

boognish Sat 06-Aug-11 00:06:13

I bought a book by Gill Rapley called The Baby-Led Weaning Cookbook in Foyles a few weeks ago. It has introductory chapters covering the basic issues before moving onto the recipes.

LemonDifficult Sat 06-Aug-11 00:09:55

You really, really, really don't need a book for this. Softish, easyish-to-hold food put down on table in front of six month old. Nature will take it from there.

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