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Anyone else having a shit Mothers Day? Make me feel better!

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squinny101 Sun 02-Mar-08 12:12:36

So up from 3am because dd3 (8 mths) is under the weather.

DD2 (2.5) gets up at 7am. DP says he will get up with her but makes such a noise wakes up dd3 who starts crying in her crib and ds1 (5). Try and ignore DD3 thinking maybe DP will come upstairs and get her. Doesn't work.
Get up change her nappy and try to go back to bed doesn't work. Go downstairs and end up making myself coffee. DP does lots of whinging about being tired.

Try to sneak back to bed. No luck, lots of shouting and then I hear that DD2 (satan in disguise) has in fact ripped up the mothers day card she made me 'because she hates flwoers'. Burst into tears - no sympathy from DP - says it's only something that the nursery made. Said its not the point.

Go out for breakfast, DD2 has a huge tantrum. End up rowing with DP in the street as my policy is to ignore, his is to bollock in loud voice.

Come home, DD2 then gets put in bedroom for being naugthy. I feel shit and unappreciated.

Anyone top that?

Niecie Sun 02-Mar-08 12:18:09

No I can't top that but you have my sympathy.sad

It is hard when they are little. They get excited for about 30 seconds that they have something to give you and then they forget about it.

DP should be making more of an effort though.

Sneak off this afternoon and go and have a lie down if you can, even if you have to take DD3 with you for a nap.

Hope your day gets better.

posieflump Sun 02-Mar-08 12:20:24

posted on crap md thread

dh has gone out all day with his mates
18 month dd is teething, screamed all the way through dinner and threw it on the floor
put her to bed and she screamed for 15 minutes before falling asleep

neighbours are probably calling social services as I type

at least your dh is home hmm

lardylumps Sun 02-Mar-08 12:22:09

Can not top it but having a shit one aswell.
THis is my first mothers day and I have been up since 6:30 with dd as dp was in bed.

I had to work today as no git at work would swap the shift even though i am the only mum there.

I bought flowers for my mum and dp mum and i got nothing.

Dp and dd are at his mums now for lunch "well it is mothers day angry"

Meandmyjoe Sun 02-Mar-08 13:05:53

Everyday is pretty crap but today is particularly shite. DS (7 months) has done nothing but whinge and scream all day as usual. I couldn't even walk round Tesco with him in the sling without him grizzling and crying, people looking at me like I'm a monster.

DH is at work as usual for 12 hours so I'm sat at home loosing my mind. My first mothers day and I can honestly say I've never disliked being a mother so much. I know that must sound horrid but I'm exhausted and really wondering if any of this is worth it! Sorry to depress you all. Hope your days all improve!

posieflump Sun 02-Mar-08 13:08:54

Meandmyjoe - that sounds awful sad
have you got any friends or family nearby who coud help out?

chocolateteapot Sun 02-Mar-08 13:13:00

Oh dear, these do sound horrible Mine hasn't started too well. DH is diabetic, got up and passed out and had a fit. He's currently in bed and has been throwing up. Not quite what I had in mind but could have been worse I suppose.

Meandmyjoe Sun 02-Mar-08 13:16:56

Unfortunately not and ds is such a grotbag I really don't think anybody could cope with him. I struggle and I'm his mum! Ah well, people keep telling me it WILL get better. Maybe I'm just impatient, I really thought things would have improved by now. Sounds like we are all having pretty appaulling mother's days though!

squinny101 Sun 02-Mar-08 13:18:28

Mine just got even better. Now have to scrub down the walls in the bathroom we are renovating.
Feel like Fucking Cinderella (but no ball/happy ever after in sight!).

MrsMattie Sun 02-Mar-08 13:19:32

Well, the day started nicely. Got a lie-in and a card and chocs, and I can't complain because we are going on holiday tomorrow, but...DH has random business meeting with rich American in town, so he gets to be wined and dined in a posh restaurant, while muggins gets to look after boisterous 3 yr old and spend the day washing, ironing and packing. Very slightly miffed, but trying to think of tomorrow and sunnier climes...

BumperliciousNeedsaGlassofWine Sun 02-Mar-08 13:29:56

I got a lie in (great) breakfast in bed (cocopops hmm) and a pair of socks and a necklace both from Primark (random) and some flowers (left in the car over night with no water).

Oh and DH took DD out all day to his mum's yesterday so i could have a break, and my mum called him up and thanked him and told him he was a "good man" for doing so hmm. Of course I never have her all day do I?

BumperliciousNeedsaGlassofWine Sun 02-Mar-08 13:33:34

Oh and now he has gone to work. I'm sorry, I know it's "Mother's day" and I should be happy with a card from DD (she's 8 months so actually that would be quite impressive) but I actually I am in the "I would like a nice present chosen by by husband because we all know mother's day is also 'Wife's Day'" Camp grin

Meandmyjoe Sun 02-Mar-08 13:33:58

I think we should all create a website to discourage people from having kids! Everyone has this beautiful picture of what it will be like!

AlistairSim Sun 02-Mar-08 13:40:15

Meandmyjoe - You sound so fed-up, you poor thing.
It really does get easier, I promise.
If you live anywhere near me, I'll happily have yours for a while to give you a break.

callmeovercautious Sun 02-Mar-08 13:41:08

My first one was crap last year and so is this one. DD is in a mood and has thrown food at me. We were supposed to go out for the day but still not out as DD and DP are not dressed yet. I cooked breakfast and got up at 6.30 as he left her so long I could not stand it anymore.

I got flowers last night. The tattiest bunch of chrysanths Tescos had left just dumped on the Kitchen sink.

Tomorrow I am going to Tesco to buy a huge bunch of Finest Flowers a big box of Chocolates and a bottle of Wine. He can pay the credit card bill angry

Happy Mothers Day everyone.

mum2sons Sun 02-Mar-08 13:48:02

My Ds1 (almost 13) has just told DH that I am a "bitch" in the car on the way to footballshock. DS2 thinks it is "boys day" (he is 3) and that he should be allowed monster biscuits that are too spicy for girrrrrlshmm.
DS3 (5 weeks) is being a sweetie and is sleeping (shame they dont stay that way!)
DH is making us all a roast except he hasn't put it on yet or even started to peel potatoes (it's almost 2pm!) But I did get a nice big plant!

Miggsie Sun 02-Mar-08 13:49:44

Lardylumps...go on strike, point out you are also a mother.
Cry, lay guilt on them...then he might notice you are actually a mother too, with live at home kids, as opposed to his mum who has off loaded hers onto another woman (i.e. you) and therefore probably has a much nicer life than you right now

lardylumps Sun 02-Mar-08 14:02:26

Thanks Miggsie you are right his mum does have a more exciting life than me at the moment (with much more sleep)and the fact that she is spending mothers day with my 11 month old dd means she is having a nicer mothers day than me...... grrrrrrrrr..

My life is nicer than hers though as i have a beautiful daugher and she only has a shit of a son.....

Cant believe I am having to work today (although not much getting done as I am moaning on MN), either I could of done with out this (lardy dreaming of still being in bed)

bramblebooks Sun 02-Mar-08 14:59:22

yep, it's shit. MIL has fallen downstairs and broken her shoulder, so DH is at A&E and will have to stay with her in the near future whilst we try to sort some care (new thread will be started!).

Cleaned the house, did a thorough job on the dining room and ds2 decided to do his tool of satan birthday gift of a dinosaur dig - bastard plaster of paris, I will kill anyone who ever gives us one of those ever again, it goes everywhere.

alilang Sun 02-Mar-08 16:02:43

Oh, I'll play. DP is currently sleeping, as the strain of having to get up with our 2.2 yr old this morning has caught up with him. The poor love. angry

DS usually wakes up at 6.30 am, but this morning as I had negotiated a lie in, he decided to wake up at 7.30am instead. So, DP spent an hour lying on the sofa, whilst letting DS alternate between watching unlimited amounts of Cbeebies and wrecking the place. Which I then had to get up and tidy.

No breakfast in bed, not even a cup of blessed coffee.

Plus DS has now started running a temperature.

So it's been a triumph so far.....

PersonalClown Sun 02-Mar-08 16:10:54

I'll play too.
I got a card Ds made at school. It's not really from him as he's autistic and doesn't have a clue!!
Have no DP/H to play the part, Ds' father hasn't been seen for 5 years and my parents have ignored it as my DB is in hospital with alcoholic poisoning!hmm
I only like christmas because DS is beginning to understand the fuss and his face lights up at the tree, decs and presents.
I am going to ignore every other 'special' day including birthdays from now on.

meebles Sun 02-Mar-08 16:13:33

I'm only slightly fed up. My first Mother's day and I've spent the morning scrubbing the house since MIL coming for lunch and DH didn't think to book anything in advance. At least he took DD with him to the supermarket so I could wash up not to the background of screaming.

I'm half in the 'Wives Day' camp since I would like some appreciation of the hard work we do, but then I think it's just 'cos I woud like a present, having had to choose, and buy my own xmas present. Apparently mother's day doesn't count though when DD is too small to do anything - my dad got me some flowers though, he said he was very proud!

Meandmyjoe Sun 02-Mar-08 16:16:28

Bless you callmeovercautious. Your offer sounds lovely but I'm sure you'd end up feeling as shit as I do by the end of it! I'd hate to inflict him on anyone! It's just so hard at the minute. At least now there are good days. Yesterday was lovely with him. I think today is just a whingey day and it seems so much worse as it's Mothers day! Also DH has worked all damn week so the only adults I've spoken to for 4 days are you guys! Ah well. At least I only have one child, I really dunno how you all cope!

peasoup Sun 02-Mar-08 16:22:09

Dh didn't have to go into work today but after going for breakfast with me and DS has decided it's just going to wind him up if he sticks around with us today, so has gone in anyway shock. Breakfast was in a pub that's totally unchild friendly meaning we had to pin DS (2) in a corner of a booth to prevent him getting out and falling down steps, scooting around the pub annoying cool childless 20 somethings reading their Sunday papers, etc which meant he wriggled and screamed throughout breakfast and splashed beans everywhere and poor DH couldn't read the papers in peace, even tho it was me dealing with DS, not him. So DH is in work; DS luckily is having his nap and I'm sitting on my laptop at home alone like almost every other bloody boring day. sad

Meandmyjoe Sun 02-Mar-08 16:30:06

Lokks like we sre all in the same boat then. Tired, lonely and bored! Remind me again why we had kids??!!! I'm sure the good bit is still to come- just have to stay positive but it's hard when all your days roll into one massive countdown to bedtime!

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