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Growth spurt, teething or something else - 13 weeks today

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RandD Mon 25-Feb-08 17:11:35

Daisy is 13 weeks old today, and has been a really good little girl so far.

However, in the last week she has changed - she is much more shouty, less satisfied by her dummy ( which we dont use that much, and previously was baby happyness in an instant), more dribbly and possiting ( that has been for the last 2 weeks since she caught a cold) and more putting her hands in her mouth. She sort of throws herself backwards sometimes, but its not wind but is sick and seems to bob about when b/f (she is on a mix of me and formular) and has a limitless appetite.

She sleeps well - touch wood

any ideas asshe is inconsolable for some periods - thanks

bubblagirl Mon 25-Feb-08 17:29:13

it could be teething my ds was teething from 6 weeks

youi could try ashtons and parsons herbal teething powder also dentinox teething gel can be applied every 20 mins

also used to put edge of flannel in freezer then rub on my ds gums used to see instant change when it was relieved

all i can think of it being i'm afraid

bonjela cool is great as well so instantly soothing

calpol never worked with my ds i used nurofen for teething and medised if coldy with it but not both at same time

hope she settles soon usually at this age or really from when there born its trial and error all the time good luck

Melfish Mon 25-Feb-08 18:09:51

Hi RandD

My daughter's 10 weeks and she's displaying the same symptoms- last night she squawked from 3-5 am! I spoke to the health visitor today who thought it could be teething too. I was surprised as I thought they wouldn't get like this as early as this! She recommended the same cures as bubblagirl so I reckon we should give them a go. And there was me so pleased she was sleeping well....lets hope something works!

RandD Mon 25-Feb-08 19:15:40

Thank you both - just when you think that you have this mummything worked out, something new comes along ! I guess it does no harm to assume teething and see if it works - I will let you know

Harri1 Mon 25-Feb-08 19:32:46

What a useful thread my DD is 12 weeks and showing these symptoms too HV said to young for teething but it seems like it to me, she has esponded well to dentinox rubbed on her gums she then chews my finger for ages too. like the flannel idea bubbblagirl.

shelleylou Mon 25-Feb-08 19:49:48

RanD it sound like she could be teething as well as having a growth spurt, breastfed babies have a groth sput around that age even if they are bottle fed aswell. Ambisol do a good teething gel aswell, invest in some teethers that can go in the fridge they can help aswell. Teething startts at different ages my dswas 10/11 weeks wen he started and got his 1st two at 4 months

WishIWasAWalton Mon 25-Feb-08 19:59:06

Me dd did exactly the same at 12 weeks, i would have thought it was too early for teeth, and in fact she didn't get her first tooth until 8 months, but i figured it was the toothbuds buzzin' somewhere in her gums. She would get the red cheek thing, and suck her lips in like a champion gurner. Nobody mentioned the homeopathic remedy 'Teetha' granuals. She loved it, my husband called it baby cocaine!

WishIWasAWalton Mon 25-Feb-08 19:59:50

love the name Daisy btw

RandD Tue 26-Feb-08 08:51:23

Thank you all, I guess its a mega shopping session coming up !!!...She seems happier today, so hopefully its not a long term personality change

bubblagirl Tue 26-Feb-08 09:07:45

i'm glad she seems better

my ds was teething from 6 weks you could see the teeth under gums and this went on untill he was 6 mths

it comes and goes but always easier just to be prepared

my nephew cut first tooth at 6 wks but ds took ages to come through

i hope she stays settled once you get the gum rubbing and teething gel done they normally have instant change cant be nice for them bless them only few more yrs of this lol

ds 2.7 just teething not so long agao but gets easier

i found rubber ended toothbrush great for this age as i could hold he could knaw teething rings were to big for his mouth at this age

and early teething dummy didnt work at all waste of 4 pound

flannel worked a treat only reliable thing for his tiny mouth

WishIWasAWalton Tue 26-Feb-08 14:15:53


If there is one thing that i've learnt for sure, in the eighteen months since i had my dd, is not to get concerned about long term personality changes. The best and truest advice that i have ever been given and helps me through the trickier times's only a phase...and inevitably it is...only a phase.

Within a week of knowing my PFB i knew she was a fiesty independant tough adorable little thing, and she proves it most days.

phlossie Tue 26-Feb-08 14:25:10

dd got first two teeth at 14 weeks...
I agree with WishIWasAWalton - I knew immediately that dd was a good natured little person, which made 14 weeks of colic hell all the more difficult, but since she got over the colic (and cold and teething) she has indeed been very good natured.

moocowme Wed 27-Feb-08 09:34:21

yes i think its teething, you will find they have good and bad days with it. best to be prepared with a few different things on hand and try them as soon as you notice any pain coming on otherwise thy can become inconsolabe for hours. which is not fun if your are out and about sad

Nessamommy Wed 27-Feb-08 17:02:14 son "changed" somewhat at that time too...He is now 21 weeks but at 13 weeks he started to drool way more and chew lots on his hands (which he is still doing). Around that time, he went through a growth spurt and he seemed crankier than usual. I also started to have problems putting him down for sleep which added to him being cranky. From what I'm gathering, they have their up and down phases. Hope it gets better soon! I think it will!

Pinkperil Mon 08-Apr-13 17:01:10

Hi there,
I just had to add my message here as I suspected that my 13 week old daughter was teething but wasn't sure. Reading these threads has been such a help thank you Mumsnet (even if they were written 5 years ago)!! My daughter had been out of sorts for a few days and seemed inconsolable today. Fortunately a friend had bought us a baby hamper with essentials she thought we'd need and a box of bonkers teething gel was in there - thank goodness!!! It saved the day! What a difference it has made! I seemed to have got my daughter back for the last 2 hours since using it. Poor thing, bless her. DH is bringing home some Dentinox, Ambesol and teething keys for usti use too. Phew! x x

Pinkperil Mon 08-Apr-13 17:02:26

Er that should read 'Bonjela' teething gel not bonkers!!grin

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