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Boys, their willies and their friends!

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mumsnetter Wed 20-Nov-02 15:07:19

Help! ds and friend age 5/6 were playing the other day and I came in to find ds with his trousers half down showing friend his bottom. I asked what was going on - wasn't cross - and they said "nothing" but looked guilty. I left room & heard them say "when shes gone lets put our willies together" so I went in and suggested tea. Do I do anything? or not? Normal and should be left to get on with it or worrying? Wonder what other boy would say to his mum (dont know her well) and whether it would sound awful if he told her about it at home. Looked like ds was ringleader. What do you think? Changed my name as too many friends know about this site. Thank you.

Tinker Wed 20-Nov-02 15:09:47

Haven't got a boy but I would tend not to worry too much about this. Used to do similar 'experimental' and flashing games with my friends at that age - boys and girls. Don't boys play 'swords' with their willies?

Azzie Wed 20-Nov-02 16:21:39

It's just boys, and all perfectly normal. I'd like to say that playing with their willies is just a phase that they will grow out of, but we all know what men are like.....

zebra Wed 20-Nov-02 16:24:12

"No they bloody don't" says my DH to Tinker's last comment.

Er, I would have thought that this is part of normal development, mumsnetter. That said...

When I was little (5-7yo) I had a pretty explicit relationship with another child (4-6yo). it really messed up my head for years afterwards because I felt like I was some kind of freak. Now I "know" we were innocents... but I would personally prefer to prevent my own children exploring so much, so early. How you do that, I dunno. Perhaps chat with your DS? Emphasise to him that certain parts of the body are private & should remain private.... Hm... will have to go away & think about this one!

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