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2 week old being sick

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nickinoo Wed 20-Feb-08 19:50:18

I wonder if anyone can help me/reassure me.

For the past 3 days my 2 week old BF baby seems to be throwing up her whole feed ( I think!) at least once a day. It doesn't seem to distress her at all, its not projectile vomiting, more like a bubbling volcano!

It frightens the living daylights out of me - it seems like she is bringing up so much. She has just done it laying down in her moses basket for the first time - bang goes my sleep tonight, I will be watching her like a hawk all night now!

Is this normal? She is not great at bringing up wind, could this be the problem? Any ideas would be gratefully received.

LardyMardyDaisyBoo Wed 20-Feb-08 19:58:49

she will get better at bringing up wind, but in the meantime could it be reflux? Does she do it after every feed, or just the odd one. It's unlikely as well that it's all of the feed, even though it seems like lots. Is she putting on weight OK?

WRT winding her, persevere with it until you get some wind out of her. We found making a pincer shape at our DDs waist and then squeezing whilst moving up her back seemed to help it out, as did frequent changes of position. After a few more weeks, you'll find that she'll burp just on sitting up.

My DS did the whole projectile vomit thing as well until he was a good few months old, and it didn't seem to upset him either.

It does get better!

my DS spit up loads. (i was really glad that i was BF because what a waste of milk!!)
he did it until he was about 4 months i think.
didn't bother him at all.
do you have a really strong let down? that can sometimes cause it.

LIZS Wed 20-Feb-08 20:07:45

It could be reflux but all that means is that the valve at the top of the tummy is still immature, lettign back some fo her feed espeically if the tummy gets overfull or if she changes position (ie. if you lie her down soon afterwards) or burps. Chances are she'll stop doing so in the next few weeks although it can persist. You could incline her mattress a bit so she is lying on a slope , allowing gravity to help , by rolling a sheet and placing under mattress Meanwhile just feed her as and when she needs it . Her tummy is very small (walnut sized !). It always looks more than it really is too. tbh unless she does it every feed or is unhappy with it she is probably fine.

theyoungvisiter Wed 20-Feb-08 20:13:06

I don't know if it's normal or not - but my ds did the same, on and off, until he was about 3 months and then it tailed off. It was more than posseting but never seemed to distress him, as you say.

Some weeks it was almost every day and other weeks we wouldn't have one single instance. It really upset me although he never seemed bothered!

I think with him it was mostly overfeeding, as the sickups usually occurred in the evening after a mammoth feedathon.

My entirely unscientific conclusion was that if some babies overfeed they are able to just bring up the excess, but others, once they start bringing it up they just can't stop!

fizzbuzz Wed 20-Feb-08 20:19:03

My dd did this a lot. Once or twice a day.

She was diagnosed with reflux by midwife, and was given Infant Gaviscon which really did the trick

I seemed to be constantly washing her, me, bedding, and then re feeding her again

nickinoo Wed 20-Feb-08 20:24:14

Thank you all so much for your quick replies.

She is putting on weight fine - 5ib 2oz at birth - she now weights 6ib 5oz all in 2 weeks!

I think is more harrowing for me than her, I am terrified that she is going to choke in her sleep and I won't hear her now.

I will slope her mattress tonight to see if that helps.

Thank you again for all your advice. I just hope she grows out of it soon.

LardyMardyDaisyBoo Wed 20-Feb-08 20:33:59

nickinoo, try not to worry about her choking in her sleep (that way madness lies) and make sure you get a decent rest. 2 week old babies are exhausting.

you could chat it over with your HV tomorrow though, just to set your mind at rest smile

Starshinetiger Wed 20-Feb-08 20:55:22

Nickinoo, With regard to raising mattress, is much better to raise whole cot/moses basket if possible (I leart this when I did it with my own DS). Sounds like your LO is doing fine, as long as she is putting on weight and not dehydrated. I used to lay a muslin under DS' head to help catch some of vomit if he threw up and to save on some washing (mind you, he wet through every night as well as throwing up, so I needed to minimise whatever washing I could). If it helps, on the couple of occasions when he did this while lying down, he just woke up crying. Mostly, we just held him for a good 5 mins after feeding as that was when he usually vomitted.
Hope that helps.

zoesnell10 Fri 27-Nov-15 23:28:05


Some advice pls! My 3 week old baby seems to be projectile vomitting at least once a day and seems to bring up all his feed. He's not distressed and doesn't look uncomfortable when he does it! Does this sound like reflux or just a windy baby? Should I see my Dr or not worry?

Should I leave him to settle his tummy
post sick or feed again?

Sorry so many questions!


bittapitta Fri 27-Nov-15 23:32:29

Zoe you need to start your own new thread! This one is years old.

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