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How long from cruising to walking?

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bahhumbug Mon 06-Dec-04 15:06:50

DS isn't standing unaided yet but is a confident puller-upper and cruiser. No hurry on my part, but people keep saying 'Oh, he'll be walking by Xmas!'. How long did your little cruiser take before his first steps?

hana Mon 06-Dec-04 15:17:32

our dd cruised for months before she started walking! Prob about 4 months

CelluliteClaus Mon 06-Dec-04 15:17:52

My 16mo DS has been crawling since 9m and cruising since about 11m. I am hoping that he will be walking by Christmas!

StuffTheMagicTurkey Mon 06-Dec-04 15:18:29

with ds1 it was about 3 weeks, with ds2 about 3 months!

bahhumbug Mon 06-Dec-04 15:33:48

Wow, what a range!

I did wonder if any of these people knew what they were talking about .....

PickasillyChristmasName Mon 06-Dec-04 15:35:19

DS started crawling at 8.5 months, cruising at 9 months and is still crusing at 12 months. Was thinking a while ago he'd be walking by Christmas but not so sure now

fee77 Mon 06-Dec-04 15:49:37

Has anyone tried those cruising shoes from clarks? Are they any good? Or a waste of money?

PickasillyChristmasName Mon 06-Dec-04 15:55:50

DS hasn't got cruising shoes - he has got some shoes (very soft) that he wears to keep his feet warm when outside, but his cruising is all inside so he either has socks or more usually just feet as he seems to have a problem with keeping socks on .

When I pick him up from nursery I am generally handed a pair of socks and told that DH tried to put them on him when he left him, but that they were quickly pulled off

MaryChristmas Mon 06-Dec-04 15:57:02

Right, Ds was crawling at 8 months, cruising at 10 -11 months and waiting for his first steps.
Doubt if it will be christmas, he is one year and a month now.
We got his some cruisers from clarkes and thought it might help a bit.
It certainly help with dropping things on his feet , damage limitation.
Quite pricey though for 8 weeks wear before measuring up again.

bunnyrabbit Mon 06-Dec-04 16:04:15

DS (15mts) has been cruising for about 3 months.. fingers crossed he'll be walking for Xmas.

As far as shoes go, I think the reccomendation is that, until they are walking, it's best to leave their feet bare. I use socks or totes toasties for when we're out, but always strip them off when we are in the house.


WigWamBam Mon 06-Dec-04 16:10:22

Dd stared crawling at 7 months, cruising at 9 months, and walking at bang on one year. I didn't get her cruising shoes, I felt she was better off with nothing on her feet indoors and in fact she didn't have a pair of outdoor shoes until she began to walk outside a couple of weeks after starting to walk.

Kittypickle Mon 06-Dec-04 16:17:48

DS started cruising at 11 months and took his first steps a couple of weeks ago at about 14.5 months. He's still pretty unsteady. I went into Startrite as I was going past today to ask about shoes. He said to stick with nothing or something like Daisy Roots until they are walking properly and not curling their big toe under when they walk, which will be a good few weeks after they start.

hana Mon 06-Dec-04 16:31:11

we didn't buy dd any shoes until she had been walking 'properly' for about a month - she'd been wearing the little leather style ones ( not cruiser shoes) But the time of year makes a difference too and whether they are cruising outside or in!

jane313 Mon 06-Dec-04 18:37:59

Approx 3 months

CelluliteClaus Mon 06-Dec-04 19:22:22

I bought Cruisers because they give him a better grip around the house and he is always on his feet, if not walking. I worried that he was more likely to slip in socks.

bunnyrabbit, do you think either of ours will be walking by Christmas? I'm convinced that my DS will still be crawling/cruising when he's 18 . You must keep me posted on developments in the BR household!

coppertop Mon 06-Dec-04 19:26:33

With ds1 it was about 5 months. He was far happier with just crawling and didn't walk until he was 14 months.

Ds2 was far more keen to be upright and was walking within about a month of cruising. He took his first steps on his 1st birthday.

Ds1 actually cruised at an earlier age but it was ds2 who walked unaided first.

MarsselectionboxLady Mon 06-Dec-04 19:29:44

Ah, my response to the question is too soon! My DTs are cruising around the furniture and DT2 can stand unaided in the middle of the room. It would be just my luck to have them both walking around at Christmas. lol

lapsedrunner Mon 06-Dec-04 19:31:10

DS cruised for several months but didn't walk unaided until 16 months. Avoided all shoes as long as possible but swear by leather "slippers" from Daisyroots (online).

TwoIfBySanta Mon 06-Dec-04 22:07:41

bahhumbug both my ds twins were cruising at about 9 months. All along the sofas and palms on the walls etc.

They didn't start walking unaided until just before 16 months. I let them go barefoot around the house so their little toes could feel the surfaces underneath.

janeyjinglebops Mon 06-Dec-04 22:34:55

ds cruised at about 6 1/2 months and walked at 10 months, so about 3-4 months. I didn't buy any shoes till he had been walking for about 2 weeks. Mainly because it was all happening during the summer and it started to get cold at about the same time as the walking started. Just wore socks till then. Booties never seemed to fit him. (he has huge feet)

MarsselectionboxLady Mon 06-Dec-04 22:36:34

Now that's what I want to hear TwoIf. I certainly don't want my DTs to be walking yet

bunnyrabbit Tue 07-Dec-04 11:12:55

Will keep you posted but DS if DS is anything like his dad he won't be walking toill 18mths!!

He won't even stand if you hold his hands, although he'll stand with one hand leaning against the wall..... Oh well at least the'r balance will be good by the time they're wlaking.


bunnyrabbit Tue 07-Dec-04 11:14:28

Could I have any more typos!!

eidsvold Tue 07-Dec-04 12:43:00

fee77 - we bought dd cruising shoes from Clarks as she needed them for the winter and nursery - she was commando crawling and digging her toes in - shoes were brilliant to protect her toes. They lasted well

fee77 Tue 07-Dec-04 15:42:15

Thanks for the adbice - DD (14mths) has just started cruising, and seems to slip on floor in socks, or pulls socks off half the time and our house is freezing. I just want to buy shoes!! She is the last of all her friends to walk - but against that she is the only one who sleeps through!! And 12 hours at that!!!

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