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Nutjob Tue 12-Nov-02 11:08:38

Hi, I am having a bit of a problem with my dd (2yrs and 9 months) at the moment. When I undress her for a bath or to change her clothes etc, as soon as her knickers come of she puts her hands on (and in) her vagina and botty. I don't want to make too big and issue out of this as I don't want her to get a complex about her body, but obviously it is not very hygenic and I want to get her out of the habit. Has anyone else had experience of this and if so, what did you do?!! Thanks

ScummyMummy Tue 12-Nov-02 11:31:27

I think I'd just leave her to it, Nutjob. As long as her hands are fairly clean and she bathes/ washes/has her bum wiped properly on a regular basis, I wouldn't worry too much about the hygeine aspect. I'd just start very gradually to teach her the social/hygiene rules over the next few years- eg: we usually play with that part of our body in private; we wipe our bums from front to back so that we don't get sore etc. She'll be fine, honest!

Batters Tue 12-Nov-02 11:37:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Skara Tue 12-Nov-02 20:53:58

Nutjob, my dd is exactly the same age and is doing just the same thing. In fact she's calmed it down a lot over the last few weeks compared to what she was. I suspect it's yet another stage they go through

emsiewill Tue 12-Nov-02 21:06:24

I have had a similar thing with my dd (now 5.10, but started around 3), and I have just told her that it's something she should do in private.

Nutjob Wed 13-Nov-02 10:56:25

Thanks for all your messages. Yes, I am sure you are all right, it is just a phase, but sometimes she really tugs at it, it's a wonder she doesn't hurt herself. As you say, as she gets older I will just have to explain to her that it is something to do in private.

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