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Teething powders - how do they work and which is best?

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AnyasMum07 Sat 02-Feb-08 11:55:16

Can anybody offer any advice on teething powders? My dd is almost 4 months and suffering with teething. GP recommends being on Calpol but I'm not comfortable with that long-term. Have asked the pharmacist but he doesn't really know much. Have tried dentinox but it only seems to work for a few minutes, which is pointless. Have heard of teething powders but would like to know how they work and which ones are the most effective.

PotPourri Sat 02-Feb-08 12:00:06

I like any of the ones that you can get from Boots - they are homeopathic - either Nelsons or boots own. You just shake in teh baby's mouth and they seem to work well. No real drugs either. I agree, using calpol should not be your first option. I got some tablet ones that disolve instanty in the mouth from holland and barratt. Sorry, can't remember hte name, but if you ask they will be able to tell you. They were better than teh powders even for a tiny baby, as you don't risk them ending up all over their face adn top!!
Alos, try rubbing a muslin over the gums with yoru finger, that can help, and those teehters that go in the fridge are nice and soothing for hot gums.

Mercy Sat 02-Feb-08 12:03:06

I found the camomile ones worked the best (might be the same ones potpourri recommends).

Bonjela is quite effective too.

justnally Sat 02-Feb-08 12:03:19

Well I am a bit doubtful about the teething powder thing. I am a CM and one mindee arrives with teething powders in her bag. On the packet it says you should empty the sachet into baby's mouth. Well, mindee doesn't want it emptied into her mouth. To get her mouth into a position where I can get the stuff in there just results in her swallowing it. I am sure that the intention is for her to rub it around on her gums as she moves her mouth, but this would only work (in my opinion) if the baby wants to cooperate!

justnally Sat 02-Feb-08 12:04:17

...maybe this baby is just too fussy then hmm

Mercy Sat 02-Feb-08 12:09:07

As far as I know, the powder absorbed through the mouth tissues so it doesn't need to be rubbed on the gums.

I used to use a little spoon and 'feed' them. It's sweetish tasting so (supposedly) they should like it

fruitymum Sat 02-Feb-08 12:16:43

ashton and parsons powders - work well for DD along with some teething gel(Boots) that has local anaesthetic in it and the chilled teething thing you keep in the fridge.

LadyVictorianSqualor Sat 02-Feb-08 12:16:44

I used aston and parsons.

KatyMac Sat 02-Feb-08 12:22:15

Aston & parsons are great

Teetha & Nelsons are good

AnyasMum07 Sat 02-Feb-08 13:54:13

Thanks for advice. I've just been out and bought some boots ones (identical to Nelsons) so I'll see how that goes.

moljam Sat 02-Feb-08 13:57:02

we used ashtons and parsons.i wish someone told me about it with dd and ds1!

AnyasMum07 Sat 02-Feb-08 17:14:55

Not sure I'm doing this right as they don't seem to be soothing her much. I feed her when she wakes up so I've given her one just before a feed (2:00 then 4:45 this afternoon) but she still seems really unsettled and I'm having to use teething gel as well. Is there a better time to use the powder? There's nothing on the packets to say how long it takes to work.

KatyMac Sat 02-Feb-08 18:50:46

It's topical so it will only work while it's in her mouth - so before a feed is a bad time as the milk washes it away

When not when she is really in pain from the teething?

Is she sore all the time?

AnyasMum07 Sat 02-Feb-08 21:48:23

She's crying pretty much all the time except for when the calpol has just kicked in! - she does have a very low tolerance though for crying, so it's difficuly to know when it hurts and when it's stopped hurting but she's just fed up and whingey.

CaliAndiemcdowellFrau Sat 02-Feb-08 21:51:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KatyMac Sat 02-Feb-08 21:55:48

Might it be colic rather than teething?

Baby massage can be soothing- just use any oil (even olive - but grapeseed or wheat germ is nice with a bit of lavendar in) & enjoy stroking/holding her after her bath - it's calming and lovely plus the lavendar helps them sleep

suwoo Sat 02-Feb-08 22:02:42

Ashton and Parsons are FABULOUS!! I do the same as Cali and lick my finger and apply to his gums --just like cocaine--. They can look quite dodgy but work a treat.

suwoo Sat 02-Feb-08 22:03:20

That should be crossed out, obviously blush

jelliebelly Sat 02-Feb-08 22:05:18

Ashton and Parsons definitely

AnyasMum07 Sun 03-Feb-08 09:16:30

Definitely teething, not colic. She's got bright red cheeks, is drooling, is pooing more and is chewing like mad on anything in sight. She's sleeping fine overnight though, so it can't be hurting that much - but she is a very sensitive baby and cries at the drop of a hat.

Might try and buy Ashtons & Parsons tomorrow when chemist is open - see if that works better than Boots own.

bluebell1 Sun 03-Feb-08 09:35:39

I love nelsons only ones that worked for my ds's.I used to use one after every bottle as well as using calpol,kept dummies in fridge to use and couple of teethers in fridge which i would hold in their mouth.All that solved any probs.Good luck.

JLusaka Mon 07-Mar-11 10:18:31

I gave some to DS last night for the first time and he only woke up once in the night for a feed (normally every 2-3h). I am of course now suspicious but he seems happy and fine.

I had been checking it out and the active ingredient in A&Ps is Matricaria in a lactose base. I gather that is chamomile and is thought to be calming and good for upset stomachs. Don't think mechanism of action is actually known. Don't think it needs to be rubbed on gums.

Tip: Separate the line of powder into two equal parts, pinch one half in the paper to hold it still and pour the other half onto baby's tongue as best you can.

melissa2712 Tue 24-Mar-15 12:01:43

My little girl is 10 weeks and has 2 teeth coming through im trying gel and teething powders wat else can I try she is constantly druling and chewing in her mouth

KikiShack Tue 24-Mar-15 19:45:44

Apologies for being a dissenting voice but I thought teething powders were homeopathic and therefore any active ingredient is a) unproven to work and b) in such minute concentrations that they have no effect anyway.
I bought and tried one of them when DD was small before I got told they were nonsense homeopathic and they did absolutely bugger all for us.
I use calpol- it's been tested, is safe for use on smalls, and it works.

Iamrandom Tue 24-Mar-15 19:59:14

Yep homeopathic therefore no proven way of working however they do contain sugar which has been shown to work as pain relief in small children.

As an adult I'd rather have proven pain relief though so don't see why my child should have to put up with pain using sugar rather than proper painkillers. Your GP recommended calpol as paracetamol is a proven painkiller and, when used according to instructions, is safe.

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