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It's time for a 'marvellous poncy things my child has said and done today' thread

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FrannyandZooey Sat 26-Jan-08 20:32:29

DS's triumphs for the day were:

a floaty kind of dance - "I am an anemone dancing to the music of the waves"

"When I die, don't bury me - I am too beautiful. Put me in a glass coffin." hmm

not his butchest day ever

iheartdusty Sat 26-Jan-08 20:46:29

he sounds just so fabulous!

I tried to make a coded message for DD in too much of a hurry (and after wine) and she had to point out that it ended VVVV instead of XXXX (kisses)

deaconblue Sat 26-Jan-08 20:47:36

ah, how sweet. My ds not nearly so arty farty in his expressions yet (only 21 months) but I am just as chuffed with "tickle tickle" which he said for the first time today

JingleyJen Sat 26-Jan-08 20:49:17

Poncy (ish)
in John Lewis today DS1 (4) walks up to till as we go to pay and says to man - "Hello how are you today?"
Thankfully the 16 year old serving us smiled and said "fine thanks for asking"

smoggie Sat 26-Jan-08 20:57:22

F&Z - PMSL. Howwwwww sweet

FrannyandZooey Sat 26-Jan-08 21:00:58

I know we have not got the only ginormous pseudy children on here

where are hunker and Pruni?

HereComeTheGirls Sat 26-Jan-08 21:01:27

My DD is 15 months and obsessed with she spent the whole day spotting them in books/on toys and saying "tar"!

kindersurprise Sat 26-Jan-08 21:01:54

That is so cute. Is his favourite book Sleeping Beauty by any chance?

DD (5.9yo) said the other day, "our curtains look like caramel raining from the sky"

And DS (3.6yo) overheard his kindergarten teacher asking her workmates if they wanted a coffee, he replied, "not for me, thanks"

Thomcat Sat 26-Jan-08 21:02:04

Hmmm, well none of them really speaking properly yet but DD1 did say "more yoga please', which i guess could count as poncy.

LOL at you DS though F&Z! grin

FrannyandZooey Sat 26-Jan-08 21:12:19

LOL and at last three posts

we are raising a generation of ponces

They will take their mothers out to dinner and order for us in french, then ask "is that nail varnish Chanel?"

Wotz Sat 26-Jan-08 21:15:47

"Mum you are so lucky you had a girl like me! What would you have done with a horrid boy?"
when dd2 was age 7 and3/4 (or there abouts)

singersgirl Sat 26-Jan-08 21:21:15

DS2 (6): "I want you and Daddy to kiss me simultaneously, one on each cheek."
"I am NOT struggling with my atheism."
"I think the guinea pig is reluctant to eat is cucumber."

Are those poncey enough? grin

pigleto Sat 26-Jan-08 21:22:09

"I'm not naughty, I'm a tiger" dd 2 on being asked not to unplug the hoover, again, while I'm hoovering.

FrannyandZooey Sat 26-Jan-08 21:23:10

"I am NOT struggling with my atheism."

oh dear LOLOL

Blu Sat 26-Jan-08 21:23:55

DS laid out all his old splints in a pattern on the carpet and announced 'It's an installation of legs. Like Louise Bourgeouis, Mummy!'

PMSL at glass coffin!

FrannyandZooey Sat 26-Jan-08 21:24:21

on a similar note, ds said the other day, after the Jehovah's had called

"They believe in GOD?? Do they believe the EARTH is HOLLOW???"

mollymawk Sat 26-Jan-08 21:24:27

Aaaah. No poncey contributions here (that I can remember anyway). But wasn't it Snow White in the glass coffin?

FrannyandZooey Sat 26-Jan-08 21:25:06

oh god installation of legs

"I am not naughty, I'm a tiger"

and "horrid boy", all v good

mandymac Sat 26-Jan-08 21:25:41

DD 2.5 when chosing birthday cards today:
'Yes I will consider this' hmm grin

FrannyandZooey Sat 26-Jan-08 21:26:07

it was indeed Snow White, yes

a frightening insight into my son's psyche, isn't it?

he has asked for 'pants with princesses on' in the past. I feel so MEAN not getting them for him

FrannyandZooey Sat 26-Jan-08 21:26:29

hoot mandy

oh dear

FranMay Sat 26-Jan-08 21:27:21

DS 3.7 yesterday whilst waiting in his grandad's car for the train to arrive said 'we can't wait here all day'.

DD 1.2 has been saying 'tea' everytime she sees a mug.

Not startlingly exciting or poncey but proud mummy nonetheless!

onepieceoflollipop Sat 26-Jan-08 21:27:32

dd2 has somehow learnt to wave in quite a regal fashion (she is only 5 months) She did it for dh and my stepdad. I thought that they were just imagining it (doting, indulgent grandad and daddy) - but it was true. The poor child has had NO peace all day as they ask her to wave again!

kindersurprise Sat 26-Jan-08 21:28:05

oops, you are right, it was Snow White.

lol at the atheist and leg installation.

DD said the other day, "That is most inconvienent"

I blame George and the Dragon

kindersurprise Sat 26-Jan-08 21:29:18

Argh, I cannot even spell inconvenient blush

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