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3mo constipated... tips please!

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yetihed Tue 15-Jan-08 18:56:45

He hasn't done a pooh since Friday. He is solely breast fed and i know this is common, but he seems uncomfortable and his farts stink!!!!!!! I have tried bicycling his legs and some massage but not sure what I'm doing, tbh. help!!!

CakeandFineWine Tue 15-Jan-08 19:43:18

Try massaging his lower abdomen firmly but not hard/pushing down in a clockwise direction.

MrsEi25 Tue 15-Jan-08 19:47:19

have you tried drinking or eating more fruit/ fruitjuice?? i found that worked well with my DD she had times when she wouldnt do a poo for up to a week but after a day or 2 of orange juice (with the bits) she was pooing like a trooper. she also had alot of trouble earlier on in her life (from 3 days old) and was given gycerine suppositories which are quite severe as they cause stomach pains but they do work. i would try the juice first tho!!grin
xx ei xx

yetihed Tue 15-Jan-08 19:57:57

Thanks guys- i'll try it all. luckily, I have a fresh carton of oj in the fridge!

BraveNewWorld Sun 19-Oct-08 20:27:55

yetihed - interested to know if it worked as my 2 month old has gone from pooing several times in 24 hrs to just once every 3 days. Have tried fruit and veg, orange juice, prune yoghurts, lots more water... no avail! Dreading the explosion to come, no doubt in the carseat! Hope you've had some joy.

feelingbitbetter Sun 19-Oct-08 20:35:26

My DS did a similar thing BRAVE at about the same time. Now 18 wks old and still regularly every 3 days. I did the same, prune juice, orange juice everything but to no avail. In the end we all accepted the fact that he/his body had a new rhythm and he is much more settled going when he does than when we were trying to force the issue. To be fair, he did seem very uncomfortable. He still is, but only just before going. Some babies just don't like pooing I think!
NOt saying that's the case for all, always worth checking it out if you are in the slightest bit worried.
P.S. DS loves a warm bath, preferably with Mum so its nice and deep. May help with sore tummies too.

LaVie Sun 19-Oct-08 20:38:50

I found that expressing and then adding half a teaspoon of sugar to the bottle worked every time.

nowwearefour Sun 19-Oct-08 20:39:51

eat grapes. that worked a treat for my dd2.

LaVie Sun 19-Oct-08 20:41:22

Of course, if he's never had a bottle then that probably won't work so feel free to ignore that post! blush

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