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DS won't drink Fybogel for constipation.Any ideas?????

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chocciedooby Fri 11-Jan-08 12:17:59

Took DS (4) to Dr yesterday as he has been withholding his poo's on and off for 2 months now.
Dr has now prescribed us with Fybogel amongst other things should matters get worse.

Every day for 3 months we have to give DS a sachet of Fybogel in water to keep his stools soft. Today was day 1 and guess what? He spat it out. Hates the taste.
Have tried disguising it in orange juice, apple juice, blackcurrant juice....

Does anyone have any tips on how I can get son to drink it as if he doesn't take it his poos will be backing up again and he has been in a lot of pain recently.

Watters Fri 11-Jan-08 12:20:23

Sprinkle a teaspoon of linseeds on his cereal and that will do it. Get him to have them everyday, you can put them on pasta and lots of other stuff too

chocciedooby Fri 11-Jan-08 12:22:38

Thanks Watters. It's worth a try. I would have to hide them though as DS is the world's fussiest eater!!!
Does it only take a teaspooon?
His bowel is empty now after giving him suppository last night so I need to try and keep control of this. I think he may have a tiny anal fissure as there was blood and he has been screaming in pain.

Watters Fri 11-Jan-08 12:30:38

Oh god, you will have to get that looked at. The linseeds definitely work. My dd1 had terrible constipation, she would bleed when she finally went. We tried everything and in desperation I finally gave into mums idea and used them. I swear to god, its fantastic and just start on a teaspoon and increase if there is no result

chloesmumtoo Fri 11-Jan-08 12:31:09

We have been chatting about constipation on the allergies section. You may want a read. My dd was recently given movicol which made her go after just one day. I dont think I got the dose right long term or it was not agreeing with her but everyone else swears by it. Its not flavoured and is a powder you mix with water but you can add your own juice. Doesnt taste much, you could ask for this?

maretta Fri 11-Jan-08 12:33:40

The allergies/constpation chat sounds intersesting. Can I have a link.

I also think movicol is great stuff though.

chloesmumtoo Fri 11-Jan-08 12:34:14

It takes the fluid you drink it with straught to the bowel giving looser motions. My dd was meant to stay on it for a month to make her bowels re-trained after long term constipation. I did taake her off it early but it certainly done the trick where suppositories and enimas and laxatives wouldnt

chloesmumtoo Fri 11-Jan-08 12:36:56

Sory dont know how to link! just click on mumsnet discussions at top of this page and scroll down to allergies topic. you should find it easily enough

popmum Fri 11-Jan-08 12:37:13

someone recommended tropicana fibre juice - maybe worth trying instead of juice? I have had luck with it this week for my ds who would strain and produce a massive poo, today he didn't strain/cry, which is a big change for him. Also fresh prune juice, which no doubt you've tried?

Watters Fri 11-Jan-08 12:39:40


maisykins Fri 11-Jan-08 12:44:34

I was posting on the other thread yesterday too - definitely worth a read. Movicol is good.

Also if there is a small tear/fissure with bleeding, get some anusol cream from the pharmacist to put on it to help the healing - otherwise the association with pain will just make the problem worse. My DD (then aged 5) was prescribed this cream when she had this problem - her bottom was very sore - but you can just buy it over the counter.

chocciedooby Fri 11-Jan-08 18:43:19

You have all been great, thasnk you so much.
I tried a few more ways to hide the taste of the Fybogel but he copped it everytime and will not drink it.

I have also just tried a spponful of Calfig which is syrup of figs but he didn't like the taste of that either.

I couldn't get to the shops today to get the Linseed but I am definatley going to try those 2moro.

I have a supply of Movicol. My Dr said that I was to use it as last resort (possibly about every 2 - 3 wks)! I wonder why he didn't suggest using this on a daily basis? Is it quite harsh on the tummy or something?

gigglewitch Fri 11-Jan-08 18:46:57

have you got some ideas? if not - here's my pennyworth
pure apple juice (regularly)
dried fruit - apricots, rasins etc for snacks
porridge has the desired effect with my lot
weetabix (ditto)

wheelybug Fri 11-Jan-08 18:49:51

dd has been witholding recently and this afternoon a friend recommended the children's version of senokot - I gave dd some and it seemed to work within an hour or so to great effect ! She didn't seem to mind taking it either and she's quite fussy (its 1 spoonful not a whole drink).

chocciedooby Fri 11-Jan-08 21:34:21

DS has been eating Weetabix every day and I have changed to wholemeal bread,Brown Soda Bread, Wholewheat Pasta etc. He drinks quite a lot of fluids during the day including water, juice and has pure Apple juice every day. I have cut out white bread altogether as I think this could be the main culprit. He would stuff so much into him on days that its no wonder he was blocked up.

To be honest he doesn't eat much in the way of fruit (only pure juices and dry raisins) but we keep offering it.

DS hasn't taken milk since he was 6 months old but today he asked and drank a whole glass full! Bizarre.

Will check out the Senocot for kids wheelybug.

I never realised quitre how many things there were to try so thank you all so much.

luciemule Fri 11-Jan-08 21:46:32

what about apricot juice - it's yummy and will work a treat.

They do advise not giving children under 5 a completely wholemeal diet as they can't digest all of the fibre as easily.

chocciedooby Sat 12-Jan-08 09:30:07

Thanks luciemule.I suppose its all in moderation.DS managed to do a poo yesterday before bed after his bath. I am off out today to buy the linseeds.If he cops them and won't eat them I don't go overboard!!

chocciedooby Sat 12-Jan-08 14:18:23

Haven't been able to find Apricot juice yet.Got the linseeds though.DS did a a small poo when we got back from the park today.Don't think he is emptying his bowel completely though.Fingers crossed the seeds work.

luciemule Sat 12-Jan-08 14:48:21

my kids both love prunes (dried but still moist).
if your DS isn't emptying the bowel properly, the rectum (I hate that word) will quickly become enlarged and the constipation will get worse.

Can you increase his fluids - the poo nurse always says that the liquid intake (not milk as much as it can constipate in large amounts) more than fruit and veg is really important and in winter, when they don't play outside as much and it's not as hot to make them more thirsty, they're more likely to get constipated.

Rolacola Sat 12-Jan-08 15:01:08

Kiwi's work for my 2

Saggarmakersbottomknocker Sat 12-Jan-08 15:08:05

Another vote for Movicol.

Fybogel is vile stuff. It's not just the taste as soon as it starts to 'set' it's like drinking egg white <bleurgh>

Has anyone tried that Fibresure stuuf that's been advertised on the television recently?

luciemule Sat 12-Jan-08 16:13:46

my dd has been on movicol since she was 3 (she's now 6). It's good but we're weaning her off slowly.

chocciedooby Sat 12-Jan-08 21:06:16

Unfortunately DS hates Prunes and prune juice. In fact it is a struggle to get him to eat any fruit and thats why we give pure Apple juice and smoothies every day. He is not much better with veg so they are disguised in many dishes. He tried sweetcorn tonight and spat it out!

You are so right about the Fybogel SMBK! I tried it and it's vile! NO wonder the poor thing spat it out. Disgusting stuff. I have pretty much tried everything at this stage and needed to give him a "Clear out" today so I have given him a sachet of Movicol. He did a poo within 30 miknutes of drinking it and didn't even know he'd had it. I am puzzled as to why my DR left Movicol as a last resort?! Still going to start the linseeds on his breakfast tomorrow. Can put money on it that he will spt them and say "yukky not eating that"!!

VALRIC Wed 18-Jan-17 15:50:38

Try dissolving two squares of strong (e..g. raspberry or blackcurrant) in a little water (I used the microwave). Leave to cool. Mix a sachet of Fybogel in a half a small glass of water and add the cooled jelly mixture. Stir well and leave to set. This is the only way I can take Fybogel (I was prescribed the orange flavour).

Cherylene Wed 18-Jan-17 16:04:13

Have you tried stewed apple with his Weetabix - even my food refusing ds liked that.

kiwi fruits do indeed work just as well as movicol - it is a matter of finding a palatable way of eating them. They are ok on their own in slices (and pretty too) if they are ripe and sweet enough. They are in season at the moment as they are grown in the S hemisphere.

Baked beans (or some variation) are worth a go. Little children always used to like them and you can get low salt/sugar ones instead these days. My mother is famous for taking my DSis to the doctor for recurrent diarrhoea then complaining to him that all she would eat was baked beans.............

Fybogel is gross and is only useful if you do not have enough fibre to start with.

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