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First period - something to celebrate?

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DarthVader Sat 29-Dec-07 18:35:39

I am making plans with my 8 year old about how we will celebrate her first period! How did other people celebrate this milestone with their daughters?

idlingabout Fri 11-Jan-08 11:40:42

I totally agree with Anna888 - there is nothing to celebrate about periods in my experience. I got them aged 12 and from the outset they were a nightmare. Not only were they totally iregular but they were agonisingly painful and I would be physically sick from the pain. The irregularity was awful as I had no warning signs.Only going on the pill changed things - not so much pain and can at least plan. I will stay on pill until menopause as I am not prepared to go back to the hell of the past.When I came off pill to have child I expected that the years of taking it would mean some sort of regularity but no such luck. I really hope my dd does not have to go through the same problems as I did - I will be straightforward with her and certainly ensure she is not embarrassed but will not celebrate what will at best be an inconvenience for decades.

BroccoliSpears Sat 05-Jan-08 23:02:14

I quite like the idea of my girl and I going out for a pizza, just us. No big hoooha. Just an acknowledgement and something close and together.

My mum had just come home on leave and shouted down the landing from her bedroom, asking if I'd started my periods yet. I shouted back yes. She shouted back ... I can't even remember, probably something about "at last" because I was quite late to start. That was it. My mum doesn't do closeness or girl stuff. I would have appreciated it once in a while.

DarthVader Sat 05-Jan-08 19:25:13

More, Monkeybird!

Your audience awaits with nervous anticipation!

moondog Sat 05-Jan-08 15:08:57

Hysterical Monkey.
Melpolene that link defies belief. A 'Navajo puberty poem'. Dear God....

Monkeybird Sat 05-Jan-08 15:02:41

oooooh, a whole catalogue of my loony mother stories (ah now that gives me an idea for a potential MN classic thread that I might just start later on to build my attempt at world domination.... heh heh heh heh)

AbbeyA Sat 05-Jan-08 11:24:17

I would love a photo Monkeybird! It might make people think twice before they subject their DD to some sort of ritual!

DarthVader Sat 05-Jan-08 10:14:26

Yes, MP very clearly rounded up too early. You MUST post a photo, Monkeybird.

Was this an isolated wacko incident or do you have a catalogue of them shock!!!

Monkeybird Fri 04-Jan-08 19:48:42

I know - congratulations on making the roundup. Obv though angry they rounded up before reading my post (I know I was late off the starting blocks an all) so my menstruating crocodiles will now never go down in history. I know some of you won't believe me but when I dig it out of the loft when we move house, I am, I promise, gonna post a digital photo to remind you all NEVER to do that to your DDs.

Go to dept store. Let her loose on the make-up counters. Do not, however drunk you are, do knitting, red scarf waving, mother earth statuette licking or wacko stuff...

DarthVader Fri 04-Jan-08 16:18:27

Monkeybird that makes a great tale!!!

This thread has made it to morningpaper's round up! How cool is that? That's one ambition for 2008 ticked off!

My next ambition for the year is to make some "I want one of those" fairy cakes...may not sound much, but I am a dreadful cook, even worse at baking. The fire brigade were summoned 3 times to my buring kitchen in one particularly bad 6 month (time) period. I may open a thread for advice


fortyplus Thu 03-Jan-08 23:15:47

Monkeybird - ROFL - that is truly a mn classic!

TEUCHywithallthetrimmings Thu 03-Jan-08 22:58:09

yes, well...all those planning period celebrations can join the whackos clan grin

pointydog Thu 03-Jan-08 22:46:33

lol - the jumper, the 'i smell aperiod'

whackos, I love 'em

TEUCHywithallthetrimmings Thu 03-Jan-08 22:30:35

Roffle MB!!! menstruating crocodiles...

My mum and older sister just marched up the stairs chanting whilst I was in the shower (obviously having put some 'incriminating' itemin the washing machine or something) then waved the dish brush hmm through the window above the bathroom door shouting 'I smell a period!!'

They were very excited...I just wanted them to discreetly put pads in my room and ignore it until I got my head round it.

I should add that we were all very open about periods and puberty, but when push came to shove, it was my mates I wanted to 'celebrate' with!!

Monkeybird Thu 03-Jan-08 22:14:19

Can I just say, as the daughter of a raving mad hippy feminist, I was the, er, proud recipient of a menses ritual when a teenager and I have never forgiven my mother for it.

And for once I am NOT making this up...

Now if she'd bought me a Chanel compact I'd have been delighted but no, she decided in good faith, to knit me a jumper. There were many many problems with this approach. 1. She wasn't very good at knitting. This meant it took much longer than planned and by the time it was finished I had been through puberty and it was like it had been in the tumble dryer. Not that we had one of course, being hippies... 2. Moreover, the not being good part meant that she had a limited repertoire of styles. Fairisle mostly. In luminous shades of raspberry, purple and green. Mmmmmm. And 3. It was a menstruation jumper. Which meant it had, smack bang across the middle, in bright red, the exact date and time of my first period. Alongside this gem of necessary public information were some lovely blue fairisle crocodiles (I guess she'd only got so far in the NUTTER'S BOOK of KNITTING ABC...)

Oh yes. You can imagine just how many times I wore that while slapping on my eyeliner to hang out with spotty callow youth and listen to China Crisis?

Bless her though, she never threw it out and some years later made a killer blow by getting the offending date bit, replete with menstruating crocodiles, beautifully framed for me as a gift.

I do honestly cherish it but only because it reminds me what a fabulous lunatic family I have and it reminds me to be COMPLETELY SANE AND UNEMBARRASSING with my own kids.

I only have boys fortunately so all I need do now is come up with some ejaculation rituals....


skeletonbones Thu 03-Jan-08 22:04:32

I'm thinking about some sort of celebration when my DDs start too DV, as you say tailored to the individual child, and what they feel like doing. I think the 'take charge of your fertility book' that was mentioned before will be something I will give them also, just reading it ATM and is really enlightening.

pointydog Thu 03-Jan-08 20:43:13

(to ario)

pointydog Thu 03-Jan-08 20:42:56

just a few spots of an uncertain nature. We sort of agreed she had started but there was quite a bit of humming and hawing. Not at all as I imagined it would be

CarrieR Thu 03-Jan-08 18:32:35

I would say choose a nice girly handbag together so she can have a nice bag for carrying any sanitary protection in.

arionater Thu 03-Jan-08 17:23:11

how come pointydog? though I think the first period is often very light and without other symptoms, probably because the girl hasn't ovulated or built up a full lining of the womb, things are just 'warming up' instead. I remember mine was like that, I was very excited and thought, this is all OK, and then the next month it was much heavier and the horrendous period pain began and I was really aggrieved!

pointydog Thu 03-Jan-08 16:52:54

I feel like we are an incompetent family

pointydog Thu 03-Jan-08 16:52:30

dd1 and I are in the position of not really knowing whether she has started or not.

So thank goodness we weren't planning a celebration

nooka Thu 03-Jan-08 16:48:05

It's a bit OTT but fundamentally I think a nice idea to celebrate becoming a woman. We don't really have many rites of passage in modern society and I think that's a pity. I like the idea of having a party about becoming a woman that's not directly attached to having a period, but preceeded by it. Also the idea of a party just for women where the girl decides exactly who is there appeals to me. I think the only problem is that periods are happening so early now - you don't become a woman at 9 in the same way you do at 13 or so. My dd is 7 and although I have talked about periods and the children are aware of me "having blood" as they put it (has the downside of me refusing to go swimming so negative connotations already I am afraid) I really hope she isn't an early starter - it's something I would have liked to put off for ten or so years rather than anticipate!

arionater Thu 03-Jan-08 16:35:16

My favourite bit is: "Deep emotional wisdom and knowledge of the life force cycles with our menses" - which presumably implies that at some point in the month we are emotionally thick as two short planks and couldn't spot the life force if it clunked us over the head . . .

fortyplus Thu 03-Jan-08 15:22:36

'Fill your Goddess with a drop of menstrual blood and seal with candle wax. Keep her in a place of honor and acknowledge this valuable gift given you each moon.'


fortyplus Thu 03-Jan-08 15:21:50

Gosh! - I would've been SO thrilled to have received a Menstrual Goddess Statuette when I first started! wink grin

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