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First period - something to celebrate?

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DarthVader Sat 29-Dec-07 18:35:39

I am making plans with my 8 year old about how we will celebrate her first period! How did other people celebrate this milestone with their daughters?

twinsetandpearls Sat 29-Dec-07 19:18:26

I think it depends on your family, I just could not imagine dp,dd and I heading to Brewers Fayre for a celebratory meal for dd first period, I could imagine dd and I doing something together though.

Twiglett Sat 29-Dec-07 19:19:33

were there to be candles edam? <snigger>

Wags Sat 29-Dec-07 19:20:01

Perhaps the next craze will be 'period parties' wonder what you could put in the party bag grin. Sorry, shouldn't really be so flippant about it but when I was young periods were either acutely embarrassing or something we told funny stories about (i.e. person who whilst out horseriding with us popped in the woods to change one, came out with it stuck on her back, didn't realise and cantered off in the distance...eeek)

chonky Sat 29-Dec-07 19:20:11

I think it depends on your dd. I would have died of embarassment if my mother had done anything like this. I personally was hugely resentful of getting my first period, I felt it marked the end of my tomboy era.

Milliways Sat 29-Dec-07 19:20:54

My friends are from Argentina, and they have a huge party to celebrate "Womanhood" grin

oxocube Sat 29-Dec-07 19:21:19

Well I would have died if my mother had suggested such thing BUT my relationship with my 10 year old dd is very different and pretty open. I would never have mentioned sex or periods to my mum, but my kids seem to find stuff like this very commonplace and easy to talk about which is great. Am still having problems with the whole 'Period Party' stuff though hmm

arionater Sat 29-Dec-07 19:21:20

I was seriously excited about starting mine, and my mother particularly remembers that I couldn't wait for my father to get home to tell him! which is quite sweet. I was young though (11) and might have felt/behaved differently at a more 'average' starting age. I think it's a nice idea to put a positive spin on it; even though I have always had very painful periods (in fact the only exception was the very first one, I'm guessing I hadn't ovulated that time), I still feel broadly positive/not too disgusted by them and I think that's a good thing.

edam Sat 29-Dec-07 19:21:28

Very possibly.

She also offered to show me how to insert a tampon... when I'd picked myself up from the floor I said 'no, thank you' very politely.

When my younger sister started her periods she came to me and didn't want my mother to know about it. grin

twinsetandpearls Sat 29-Dec-07 19:21:43

Will you be hanging around the bathroom with party poppers and celebrate on pause on the cd system just in case.

I am sorry am being very childish, I do think that something simple between the two of you would be lovely if you think dd would not be embarreseed.

DarthVader Sat 29-Dec-07 19:22:34

DD is role playing her best friend noticing a bright red stain on her trews in class, climbing onto a chair and announcing her womanhood to the class!

I suspect she might change this attitude come the time(!) although I personally think it would be ace if all girls did this public proclaimation of womanhood in the classroom.

chonky Sat 29-Dec-07 19:23:21

PMSL at wags's horseriding friend. At least she would have fulfilled the marketing ideal of 'Tampax Woman' - you too can ride horses, rollerblade and walk dogs, all at the sametime, whilst you have your period.

Wags Sat 29-Dec-07 19:24:03

Mmm, not sure how ace it would be for a class with 12 year old boys in it, but i can see your point wouldn't it be nice if there were no worried or inhibitions about it all.

DarthVader Sat 29-Dec-07 19:25:22

twinsetandpearls "welcome to the dark knicker force"

Wags Sat 29-Dec-07 19:26:15

Ive got more, i've got more... friend (who is in her late 50's now) someone in her class had a period and felt really lousy, went to the teacher who gave her a sanitary towel. She went to the loos, put it under the cold water and came back in the class with it over her forehead and the loops hooked round her ears. She had a stinking headache with it and thought thats what it was for... classic.

twinsetandpearls Sat 29-Dec-07 19:27:12

even heavily medicated I can be funny! grin

twinsetandpearls Sat 29-Dec-07 19:27:52

pmsl Wags.

NAB3wishesfor2008 Sat 29-Dec-07 19:27:53

Really not sure it is a positive thing for a 12 or so year old.

And when you say planning, are you planning in your head or have you talked to your daughter about it?

twinsetandpearls Sat 29-Dec-07 19:29:11

On a serious note, before I leave you to check the progress on my wardrobe, girls die every year after comiiting suicide as they are not sure what a period is.

DarthVader Sat 29-Dec-07 19:30:15

I have been discussing it with my 8 year old. I am pretty open about periods, there's no secrecy about it in my house.

Why do those of you who found it embarrassing feel that it must be that way still?

twinsetandpearls Sat 29-Dec-07 19:31:31

I don't think they should be emabressing and would hope I could prevent it from being so for my dd. I do think the basic idea is a good one, but it is also ripe for gentle humour as well.

DarthVader Sat 29-Dec-07 19:32:13


Maidamess Sat 29-Dec-07 19:32:43

I don't feel periods are embarassing, I talk to my daughter about them a lot. I just personally feel starting them is not something I would want to celebrate. I don't see starting your periods when you are still essentially a little girl is much to shout about!

AbbeyA Sat 29-Dec-07 19:32:49

I haven't got daughters so don't have to think about it but at that age I would have found it too embarrassing for words! I read a similar thing from a mother who had a red box full of little presents for the day and it made me cringe-far too intrusive of a parent.

DarthVader Sat 29-Dec-07 19:32:54

twinset have you got a forward plan for this event yet?

twinsetandpearls Sat 29-Dec-07 19:35:32

She is only six, I think I was about 12/13 when I started.

DD is quite a girly girl, we have membership to a plushish ( for up north) gym so I may treat her to having her nails done and something to eat.

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