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17 month old hitting

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kerala Tue 18-Dec-07 11:21:58

My 17 month old dd has started hitting. Not just children that take her toys etc but approaching children and hitting them. When she does she has a certain expression and shouts "nah nah nah".

Its getting me down - all her little friends play nicely, hug and kiss with the odd bit of rough and tumble. She seems to be the only one doing this. Am beginning to avoid meet ups as I am constantly apologising, saying no to her and removing her from the group. She doesnt go to nursery but we go to playgroups/meet ups most days.

Any one else had this? What did you do? Should I avoid meet ups or keep going til she learns to interact with her peers? Does it pass?!

rosmincepieeater Tue 18-Dec-07 11:57:37

kerala, don't give up going to groups and things, it is a phase and will pass, but it will take time. Just remember she is still young and doesn't know any better.

My ds is 22mo and will push other children for no reason, I say 'no, we do not push' and if he keeps doing it we have a break for a minute or so from the group and then go back. It is starting to work in that he can see the consequences, he just forgets each day!

Keep doing what you are doing, don't avoid any meetups!


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