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Profanity in public...

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pagwatch Mon 17-Dec-07 18:36:32

Now we are not a particularly foul mouthed family. Honestly we are not. Quite nice and smiley people. But my DS seems to hear and retain those words and repeats them at the worst possible moment.
For example we were in the bank when there was a huge thunderstorm and i said "oh look we shall have to stay here for a while because it is raining.
"oh fuck it" she replied.
(brilliantly I then said "what did you say" in a suitably aghast tone to which she calmly replied "oh fuck" as if I was just slightly deaf ).
Then yesterday we were in a cafe and she dropped her fork... " oh bollocks, bollocks, bollocks".
My question is this. I don't react when she says it and she really doesn't hear this stuff very much ( although thanks to the three boys in Costas who used the fuck word rather than punctuation yesterday) but do other kids have this instinctive awareness of the impact of certain words - because I don't remember her big brothers doing this....
...perhaps I am just not remembering well.
She is 5 by the way.

candypandy Mon 17-Dec-07 18:42:43

oh my gosh
hope nothing disastrous happens when your MIL is over to play wink
My eldest at four had this instinctive awareness, knew just how to use those words. I can't tell you what he said to me once after an entire after-school ignoring him saying "fuck fucking this fuck that.." Where he got it from I do not know (true fact). But the absolute blanking did work like a dream. It's as if he knew what reaction was expected and when he didn't get it after the most extreme expression of every foul word he'd ever heard, he gave up. That evening I thought we were never going to be able to go out in public again. The morning after -- nothing, and I have never heard it since (and he's almost a teenager!)

handlemecarefully Mon 17-Dec-07 18:43:46

At 5 she is old enough to be told "You know that's a rude word. It's for adults only. When you are grown up you can swear like a trooper - but for now keep it clean" wink

Actually I am not kidding. This is precisely what I tell my 3 and 5 year olds

candypandy Mon 17-Dec-07 18:45:01

ps my other two -- never at all. Just the one little tryer.

pagwatch Mon 17-Dec-07 18:48:20

"keep it clean". I might try that.
I have always done the ignoring stuff we don't like with her brothers ( especially DS2 who is ASD ) but I know she is more sussed than she looks. In fact thinking about it I wonder if she gets more reaction in other settings because she is so 'butter wouldn't melt' looking . ( she's on my page if you want an idea grin).
Perhaps if she does it again I will ask her teacher if she does it at school blush.

amytheearwaxbanisher Mon 17-Dec-07 18:58:16

my ds heard his great granny shout oh f* when she had a bad fall and it was his favorite word for the weekblushi tried to ignore it and he did forget it but not before going around a whole supermarket sitting in the babyseat shouting oh f* everytime he dropped his picture book so everytime he dropped it i had to shout oh look! or oh book!so people would think that was what he was saying

handlemecarefully Mon 17-Dec-07 23:34:22

She's gorgeous!

NappiesGaloriaInExcelsis Mon 17-Dec-07 23:40:14


know what you mean about thte third being a tryer. i find myself saying something i never thought id say and have always been hmm at things even remotely like it; if he was the first hed be the last.

could i possibly try any harder to turn into a rubbish cliche [???]

er, dont know the answer to your question btw. blush

S1ur Mon 17-Dec-07 23:41:50

mm I'm bit interested in responses here too as my dd (3 blush) has once or twice sworn to great effect!

In answer to your question, in my case it's obvious which words have a big impact, I swear when I'm hurt or something big has happened etc. so its clear these words are different

When the dcs are not about I do swear like a navvy tho grin

pagwatch Tue 18-Dec-07 12:12:49

Amy - do great grannies swear shock
How fantastic!
I think I will stop all swearing until I am about 75 and then start at it again like a drunken sailor.
"Pass the farkin scones".
Can't wait grin

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