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DD going backwards in potty training - is this common?

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lovecattlearelowing Mon 17-Dec-07 06:43:44

Hi, I'm hoping someone out there can reassure me!

DD began potty-training by her nursery from the age of 2 - I said at the time I thought she was too young for it, but they were insistent she was ready and I, being an inexperienced eejit, thought they knew best (although I have to say I didn't push it when she was at home).

Anyway, she got the hang of wees very quickly and was soon dry, however, she will not poo unless she's got a nappy on. She's now nearly 3. We've tried bribery, cajolery, nappy on a potty, endless hours sitting on the loo wiht a book, she holds it all in and then the minute a pampers hits her bum, she poos.

I'd more or less given up on this as I wasn't going to force the issue, I figured she'd come round to it when good and ready, and at least she was dry and would let us know when she wanted a poo by asking for a nappy, but in the last week she has wet herself every single day - only telling us she needs the loo half a second before letting go. On Friday she pooed in her pants. She doesn't seem the least bit distressed about being wet/dirty, whilst I don't want to get cross with her I'm getting a little worried (and mortally embarrassed!) with the situation.

What's best to do? Put her back in nappies and start all over again at a later date? She's supposed to be starting at the school nursery after February, they say she must be dry and, of course, when we put her name down she was, now I'm beginning to think she may not be.

No other changes in her environment that I can think of, she's done this at home, at a friends, in a restaurant, in the street...

Help, please, if you possibly can....

wheresthecorkscrew Mon 17-Dec-07 15:16:40


lovecattlearelowing Tue 18-Dec-07 10:23:23

Thanks, wtc... anyone? Please???

cherryredretrochick Tue 18-Dec-07 13:55:08

Could she have a wee infection , that is what nursery always say to me when my dd has accidents. My 4yo dd goes through phases quite often when she will have an accident everyday for a week then be fine. I think they reach an age when they are trying to push their body to the limit. I wouldn't oput her back in nappies so soon. I also would just ignore the poo thing for the minute, it will make it worse if you make an issue of it.

yankey Tue 18-Dec-07 15:51:15

hiya, I am not entirely sure I think the general idea seems to be don't get stressed and pressurise the toddler (probably make things worse) but maybe try a reward chart? or coin to put in money bank when uses potty. Sorry I can't be of more help my dd has only just started useing hers. best of luck!

Flibbertinseljinglebells Tue 18-Dec-07 15:56:01

mY ds1 was really good at potty training and then regressed after a couple of months, weeing where he sat while watching a video etc. Another few weeks and he was back on track.
My friend's daughter (and the child was 5 when I witnessed this) would also only poo with a nappy on. They just kept calm, put a nappy on her every night after her tea for years and one night she just went and pooed in the loo.
Don't give up, Feb is a long time off. Anyway I thought there were rules now about nurseries not being able to discriminate against children who were not dry yet by the entry age? Anyone?

cherryredretrochick Tue 18-Dec-07 16:18:33

I did end up using bribery with my dd on the 2nd attempt as it had become such an issue first time round. A sweet everythime she used the toilet, I know it is not ideal but sometimes whatever works for a short time to get through a bumpy patch. I think stickers are a much better idea really though.

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