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100 Mile an Hour Son of nearly 4!

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Hunty Fri 14-Dec-07 21:33:10

Hi There, HELP!! I have a healthy 3 year old who only has one speed, 100 miles an hour. He flits from one thing to another all the time, his mind is ahead of his mouth and he is so loud!! I am constantly on at him to talk quietly and to slow down, but it falls on deaf ears. I give him lots of opportunities to expel energy and obviously do not want to supress his personality, but will he ever slow down????? The saving grace is he does slepp well at night!!!
Cheers Hunty ;-)

Nightynight Fri 14-Dec-07 22:15:59

is he already at kindergarten? if not, then maybe it would distract him long enough to stay still for a bit.

sympathise though, as dd2 is a bit like this. I was the only parent who was running along the pavement as she charged off into the distance having whipped her hand out of min, while other toddlers WALKEd along HOLDING HANDS with their mothers. Sigh.

Scotia Fri 14-Dec-07 22:32:17

Hunty grin he sounds exactly like mine! I feel your pain wink

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