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So proud of my DD today.

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lucyellensmum Thu 13-Dec-07 12:51:09

My DD has reached all her speech therapy targets

Hulababy Thu 13-Dec-07 12:57:38

Well done to your DD

Saturn74 Thu 13-Dec-07 12:58:21

Great news. Well done! smile

cherryredretrochick Thu 13-Dec-07 13:19:20

thats fantastic, best xmas you could have wished for grin

ItWasOnlyAWintersTellus Thu 13-Dec-07 13:21:00

Well done to your dd - and you smile.

My dd has been on the waiting list for a year...sad

lucyellensmum Fri 14-Dec-07 23:06:28

thats crap, winters im sorry to hear that. I have to say, i am not sure how much help the speech therapy was in itself, as lucy was very withdrawn and shy at the sessions and there were three other children. But they did give me some good ideas to help with her speech development.

ExDhsNutsRoastingOnAnOpenFire Sat 15-Dec-07 19:21:45

That's fab news! So glad she is doing well.
(normally boo64 in case you don't recognise me!)

differentbutthesame Sat 15-Dec-07 23:36:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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