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Bandy legs - when do babies grow out of them?

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Catt Tue 15-Oct-02 13:38:27

Hi, I was wondering when babies' bandy legs usually start to correct themselves. MY DS (now 2.5) had them as a baby but they are fine now, but I don't remember when they started to straighten up. I'm wondering about it now because I have a DD aged 8 months, who still has pretty bandy legs now. How long is it before they start to get legs that look more like children's legs than babies' legs IYSWIM?

I know it sounds paranoid, but I had very bent legs as a toddler and it turned out I was vitamin D deficient and had to go on a course of treatment to straighten them.

SoupDragon Tue 15-Oct-02 14:18:24

Um... I can't remember! I seem to remember DS1 going from bandy, through straight, onto knock kneed and back to straight again. DS2 is 19 months and his nave been straight for a good few months now.

OK, I searched on another website and came up with this:

Question: Why are my baby's legs bowed? Will they stay this way?

David S. Geller, M.D.: Most babies are born with curved or bowed legs. This is usually a result of the way they were "packaged" in the uterus. (You can see this if you try to fold your baby back into the position that she was in while inside of you.) When your child starts walking, somewhere between 9 and 17 months, the bones in her legs will start to slowly reform as old bone breaks down and is replaced by new bone in different places where it's now needed to support her weight. Usually within six to nine months of starting to walk, your child will have straighter legs.

Hope this helps!

Catt Tue 15-Oct-02 14:43:00

Thanks, SoupDragon! That's reassuring.

I've come to the conclusion that it's much easier to get advice and info from fellow mumsnetters than from any GP or HV.

kkgirl Tue 15-Oct-02 22:21:38


My son still had bandy legs at 18 months, partly because we used the thicker type of nappy (more wadding).
My HV picked it up at the 18 month check and referred him to the GP, although we didn't have a problem with it. GP said everything was fine.
I don't know about developmental checks these days, but have a feeling they have a 9 month check. It might reassure you to check with Health Visitor maybe as least you would

mollipops Thu 17-Oct-02 07:31:39

Hi Catt, yes bandy legs are very normal until about age 2, when they usually end up knock-kneed as soupdragon says! before going straighter... You are right about the vit d deficiency, which can cause ricketts. As long as your baby is drinking milk of some kind, she will be fine! HTH!

Catt Thu 17-Oct-02 11:59:19

Thanks folks. Good to know this.

Lera2 Fri 09-Oct-09 08:39:13

My 14 month old has bandy legs and I'm afraid that like me they'll go away but come back later in life. Should i wait till she's at least 2 before i get them straightened or should i go through with the process now?

mrshibbins Fri 09-Oct-09 21:03:08

my youngest bro started walking at 10 months and had severely bandy legs. i think they were like it until he was about 4 .... but now he's got straight strong and very athletic legs (well he is 37!)

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