Something to keep soap out of toddlers eye??

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gio71 Thu 06-Dec-07 20:29:36

Can anyone recommend any product, some form of screen or something to keep the soap out of 14 mth olds eyes when having a hairwash? He has decided he hates it, we use no more tears but makes no difference.thanks

FairyTaleOfNewYork Thu 06-Dec-07 20:31:22

a flannel held over his eyes.

southeastastra Thu 06-Dec-07 20:32:07

you can get those big brim type things i think.

southeastastra Thu 06-Dec-07 20:34:55

like this

ChippolataMinton Thu 06-Dec-07 20:36:09

these visors work if you can get them to wear it ours has adjustable velcro which is better.

I find bribery is quite effective too.

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