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Hugging in the playground

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emmabee Fri 04-Oct-02 10:34:24

My 1 yr-old boy has started going up to (usually older) children in the sandpit or in the park & hugging them...Because he's not 100% steady on his feet he usually topples over on top of them & they end up in a heap. Reactions from the other child range from bemusement to tears, depending on their age. There is absolutely no malice or thuggery involved on the part of my son, but I do find I'm apologising every 5 minutes. Should I worry or be embarrassed about it? Does anyone have any idea how I can deal with it?

kkgirl Fri 04-Oct-02 12:13:31


Of course you shouldn't worry your ds is only tiny and as you said doesn't mean anything. Try to approach it in a humourous way and make a joke of it if he does fall on top of them, the other mums will understand surely being as he is only one year old. I can imagine that you do feel awkward about it, but try not to he is only learning and showing his feelings after all

emmabee Fri 04-Oct-02 12:23:27

Thanks, kkgirl, that's made me feel a bit better about it. DS looks slightly older than his age as he's quite tall, walking & has loads of hair so others may think he should be behaving more maturely. Also my mother made a nasty comment about this behaviour after she looked after him last weekend (the old bag probably wouldn't recognise genuine affection if it hit her in the face) so that made me a bit paranoid.

Copper Fri 04-Oct-02 13:44:55

Maybe if you said to the other children something like 'he must really like you, he's trying to hugh you' they might recognise what's happening and feel flattered. I think it's sweet ...

Copper Fri 04-Oct-02 13:45:17

Maybe not hugh ....

kkgirl Fri 04-Oct-02 19:12:38


Is that as is Hugh Grant, a new expression for hugging???????
Emmabee I don't see how your mum could make a nasty comment about your dd he is only being affectionate. She wants to try having one of mine for the day, she would definitely know about bad behaviour then!!!!!!!

emmabee Mon 07-Oct-02 12:00:45

On Saturday he went up this kid, about 3 yrs, who was sitting in the sandpit, & lovingly rested his head on the other boy's thigh! The boy gave me a look as if to say "get him off!" but I had to laugh...

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