does your baby choke on his own saliva?

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bumbly Sat 10-Nov-07 17:15:20

...mine doing that a lot now and also when i try to place dummy in mouth he suddenly chokes and almost stops breathing - very scary!!

wont be trying dummy now but he still chokes himself after having hand in mouth all the time with his massive saliva buildup

Saturn74 Sat 10-Nov-07 17:17:09

Bumbly, have just read your other thread too.

You sound so worried. sad

I think you need to make an appointment with your GP, and explain all your concerns, as your HV doesn't sound very supportive.

Best of luck. smile

bumbly Sat 10-Nov-07 17:18:56

thanks HC

have already done so

with the head thing in been to gp...
and they said massive improvement with being on belly

hmmm not sure i agree with no help there

Saturn74 Sat 10-Nov-07 17:20:18

Sorry Bumbly - I meant to write
'ask for a referral to a paediatrician', but got mixed up. smile

jenjenns Sat 10-Nov-07 19:23:01

hi, my son used to choke on his own saliva and we were so panicked by it. We kept him in our bedroom next to us till he was 8 months old as he used to do it at night as well as during the day. We would hear him choking and we'd pick him up and pat his back till he started breathing again, he'd be so distressed and crying it was heartbreaking.It continued till about five months I think. I've just read your other thread as well about the jerky movements. Please dont get yourself so upset by every movement, babies (I've had two and I childmind and run a toddler group) are all so different, your health visitor would pick up if there was a problem as there job is to spot them. If you arent convinced get a second opinion but my daughter was very jerky for a long time. she wouldnt focus couldnt keep still everything was like an uncontrollable motion but thats part of the development. Please dont take offense but keep an eye on yourself, you do sound just a touch depressed and I've been there know how it starts. Take care of yourself x x

LIZS Sat 10-Nov-07 19:37:28

He may be teething so producing more saliva than he can readily swallow, es[eically given his previous feeding issues. Is it worse when in a particular position ? He soudns as if he still has the gag reflex (one of signs of not yet being ready to wean) which is why he chokes but doesn't stop breathing.

jenjenns Sat 10-Nov-07 19:57:17

forgot to say, if you're lucky to have an attentive gp they will notice any improvements as they dont see your baby every day. Its so easy to get bogged down in every day stuff and you cant always see a change, especially if youre worried about it!

wrinklytum Sat 10-Nov-07 19:59:24

Hi Bumbly.

I can greatly sympathise with not being tasken seriously with a baby you feel is not "normal".I took dd to the gp 10 times between ages of 4-7 months.She used to gag on saliva,was incredibly unsettled,uncooordinated and dribbly.I was told that she was a baby and babies did this.

At six mohts a locum took me seriously,felt dd had reflux and px gaviscon.This did help somewhat,but she still had dribble problems and gagged on food.I also noticed she started forming her opposite hand into a fist when grasping something with her other hand iykwim.At her 9 month check I highlighted this to hv and also the fact she had only just got sitting balance and had no balance when in a standing.Told this was normal.

At this point I gave up for a bit and thought she was maybe a bit slow.She did not roll til 12 months and then in a peculiar way.She did not crawl,but at 15 months started to bumshuffle.Around this time I took her back to hv as she still had coordination problems.The hv saw nothing wrong and said they would visit 6 weeks later.

6 weeks passed and it became apparent that there was something very wrong with dd.When bottom shuffling she would hold her arms up and in front in a flappy motion.Still no crawl or stand.At this point she was referred to paeds.She has a global delay and is having physio and SALT.

The point of all this is that I felt all was not right quite early on but was not pushy enough,really.There is probably nothing wrong with your dc (I really hope this is the case),but for your own sanity,as you sound so worried,I would INSIST to Gp that you need a referral.Can you take a videoclip on your phone of any of the behaviour you think is not right???The worries sound very real to you and it is very easy to say there is nothing wrong and all babies differ,this is true but at the same time you just never know. (I had a normal birth with dd so there were no reasons to suspect a problem).

Hope you get something sorted out soon.I really hope my post has not alarmed you but it struck such a chord.Good luck,Wrinkly xx

Bethron Sat 10-Nov-07 22:14:26

Message withdrawn

bumbly Sun 11-Nov-07 10:58:53

def think the saliva is de to putting fists in mouth...and reflux

but gagging happening more frequently

this mornign had to tap back to stop him choking!!

actually pretty scray to watch!!!

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