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Good behaviour for anyone else

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Katz Mon 02-Jul-01 12:04:38

Don't worry about your son's conduct. Think of it like this - " this will surely pass". A quote from the guru himself, Dr Bengamin Spock.

Gillan Fri 18-Jan-02 11:28:57

Absolutely!I work 3 days a week and sometimes dread going home. Only yesterday I arrived home and my nanny told me how well behaved my 3 1/2 yr. old daughter had been - apparently she'd excelled herself! Even my 18 mnth old little boy had been a treasure. Within seconds all hell broke lose Both wanted snacks, stories, videos and lots of undivided attention. What do you do? Nanny made a sharp exit laughing as she went, saying those immortal words "I never see them like this!" My days at home are by no means as fraught and this makes up for the hellish 2 hours before bedtime (you constantly have to remind yourself of this) It is difficult though - sometimes all I want to do is park them infront of the TV or get them to bed as quickly as poss. and then you end up feeling incredibly guilty so either way they win!

Ailsa Fri 18-Jan-02 23:48:08


Totally agree, why do kids do that? I've found with my two that they're worse if I tell them that I'm tired and have a headache!

They're ok if dad comes home before me, which is weird because he doesn't tell them off as much as I do, or maye that's it! Guess I'll never know.

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