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So what order do things happen in during puberty? I have 9yo with developing breast buds.

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ItsMyTurn Tue 06-Nov-07 14:12:06

I just cannot remember. She is 9yo and has been developing for about 5mths. She is soooo embarassed about it and does not even like the word 'boobies' mentioned (our child-friendly term for breasts.) She does not seem to have any hair but is started to whiff a bit after a day of running around etc.

EllieG Tue 06-Nov-07 14:20:54

My DSD is like that too - though not embarrassed in fact quite chuffed. Her Dad is horrified at all this and refuses to acknowledge anything about his LO growing up, leading to much merriment from DSD and me. She is getting a bit smelly too, so have explained to her that she needs to take extra care washing etc. She is very tall for her age, so think that is why is all starting early - I checked it out with a school nurse I know and she said it is early, but not weirdly so.

ItsMyTurn Tue 06-Nov-07 14:59:28

so what should happen next then?

juuule Tue 06-Nov-07 15:39:25

I don't think there is any particular order of events.

mmelody Tue 06-Nov-07 20:26:23

Greasy hair and skin, moody moments and a growth spurt!

ItsMyTurn Wed 07-Nov-07 21:08:16

she is frequently 'lippy' and emotional. Not moody as such though. Her hair gets greasy after about 2/3 days instead of after a week now. Poor little love sad. I hope she has a while longer of being my little girl sad.

christywhisty Wed 07-Nov-07 22:15:42

my dd is just 10 we have the breast buds, greasy hair, growth spurt, she is now a head taller than girls she used to be the same size as. Moodwise she has been awful since the beginning of summer.

Doubletop Wed 07-Nov-07 22:16:51

My dd had pubic hair from the age of about 8. She didn't develop anything else (except attitude) until she was about 11.

weeonion Wed 07-Nov-07 22:21:15

as far as i know - the kick starting of puberty is related to their weight - so once they reach a certian weight - hormones start it all off.
10% of 10 yr olds have periods and it rises pretty quickly afte rthat age.

dd is 6mths old - so a while to go yet but - on a sexual health project i used to run - we would be preparing 9 yr olds for periods, explaining what they were etc. i worked with quite a few girls who had no prep and were really shocked/ upset when it happened.

with my own wee sis - she was carrying her towels in a pretty bag/purse from around this age and knew what to expect and do if they started.

EllieG Thu 08-Nov-07 10:18:48

Have explained all that stuff to DSD - her hair is greasier now and is defo getting a bit moodier at times, bless her. She's also much taller than all the other girls in her class - I didn't realise that had an impact.

LadyVictoriaOfCake Thu 08-Nov-07 10:30:14

dd1 is 7.5 and is starting to get 'buds' and hasnt grown much in the last year. she is looking chunkier. i know she will shoot up soon as well. her hair is getting greasier as well and needs to bath/shower more as well.

TheFairyOnTopOfTheTree Thu 08-Nov-07 10:36:23

It is happening to my DD who is also 9. Are any of you planning to buy any underwear for these changes, ie: those little crop top things, not quite bras but a bit of something to help cover up a bit? I can't remember what they are called, let alone where I would buy them!

ItsMyTurn Thu 08-Nov-07 14:02:31

it does seem so young doesn't it sad. dd is horrified that she is developing boobies and is mortified at the fact that she may have to use deodorant/body spray etc. poor little bean sad

ItsMyTurn Thu 08-Nov-07 14:04:00

Fairy - they are everywhere (the tops you are talking about). They do some really cool ones too for your budding (pardon the pun) mini-teen! Try George at ASDA or Next

LadyVictoriaOfCake Thu 08-Nov-07 14:52:35

dd1 has crop tops. bought them a fortnight ago. just two, from Next. she says she feels more comfortable in them than just vests. i just think she is so young still at 7.5, but know i developed early as well.

ItsMyTurn Thu 08-Nov-07 17:35:30

ladyvictoria - 7.5 shocksad poor little thking. how developed is she? that seems awfully young.

RubyRioja Thu 08-Nov-07 17:40:10

Do you think that skinny, little girls tend to start puberty older? I have notice some (very minor) changes in dd's 8yo friends (greasy, stroppy, buds etc) but dd still has milk teeth. Suits me grinso really just query!

Scanner Thu 08-Nov-07 17:44:10

I remember a Robert Winston programme talking about this and there was a link between a certain weight and the onset of puberty. Does anyone know what that weight is?

LadyVictoriaOfCake Thu 08-Nov-07 20:00:24

not sure what the weight is.

dd1 is think is just at the beginning of it. she turns 8 in march. i had proper breasts (c cup) at 11.

feel sorry for her.

TheDuchessOfNorksBride Thu 08-Nov-07 20:16:38

I think the weight was 7 stone - the Robert Winston trials involved twins whose periods started within a couple of days of each other. The weight has something to do with being physically big enough to carry & deliver a child.

RubyRioja Thu 08-Nov-07 20:24:26

How interesting! DD is 3 1/2 stone so I reckon I am off the hook for a while!

Is that similar to when anorexics and athletes stop being fertile (iykwim) when their body fat ratios are very low?

Scanner Fri 09-Nov-07 09:30:24

It makes sense to me, I started by periods at 11 which was early then, although I was slim I was very tall so probably did weigh 7 stone.

What I don't understand is, what has changed - at 11 I was one of the earliest girls to start at school. I didn't know anyone who started periods at 9.

TheDuchessOfNorksBride Fri 09-Nov-07 10:32:00

I guess what has changed is that the nation is heavier - including our children, hence the girls are hitting 7 stone earlier.

My midwife left me lots of books & leaflets yesterday (remember Emma's Diary!) - in one of them it tells pregnant teenagers to take extra amounts of calcium as they are still growing themselves, as well as growing a baby. I'd never considered this before, I actually found it a bit sad.

<PS. I'm not a teenager, I'm a very old bag on her last 'hurrah' pregnancy!>

Blandmum Fri 09-Nov-07 10:37:12

It is around the 7 stone mark. But this does vary from child to child, so there will be some that will start their periods under this weight.

Blandmum Fri 09-Nov-07 10:38:12

Ruby, yes it is linked into the same thing. fat helps in the metabolism of oestrogens

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