ASD/Speech delays in toddlers

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hh95 Sun 07-Mar-21 15:53:58

This is my first post to mumsnet so not entirely sure what I’m doing! I’m a little bit worried about my 23 month old son and looking for some advice regarding ASD and speech delays. His speech is delayed - he says about 15 words but does use them all in context.

Things he does do:
He understands everything you say to him and can follow instructions. He can also point to some body parts and makes several animal noises. He also points to lots of things in books when asked just won’t repeat the words.
He plays well and doesn’t seem to have any obsessive play patterns or anything.
He points that things he wants or points to show you something he has seen. If I point at something (a cat for example, he looks and knows exactly where the cat is). He will pull your hand to take you somewhere or get you to play.
He waves, says goodbye and blows kisses/gives kisses to family members.
He seems interested in other children and gets excited when he sees them in the park etc. He hasn’t had much chance for actual interaction since he was 11 months due to covid.
He eats anything and everything and sleeps 12 hours a night.

Things that concern me:
He flaps his hands but only when excited, never for any other reason or randomly.
He doesn’t speak in sentences and still babbles a lot, especially when excited.
He can get really upset when you take him away from something he in enjoying. At the park he loves the swings but even if you push him for an hour he’ll still cry when you get him out. He also doesn’t really like anything else at the park and is really nervous to climb things, will not climb things without holding your hand.
He sometimes walks on tip toes for a few seconds at a time when indoors, but never whilst out and about.

I’m going to speak to the health visitor about speech therapy anyway but wanted some advice from parents with experience as to whether I should be worried about more than just a speech delay?

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BunnyRuddington Sun 07-Mar-21 19:24:53

If you're worried about ASD at all I'd do the m-chat. It will give you his risk so if it's medium or high, it's a good thing to bring up with the HV or GP.

iCan has a good summary of what he should be saying at this age, here. Again, if he's not meeting these points, it's a good tool to discuss with your GP/HV. In most areas you can self-refer for audiology and SLT without needing to speak to the GP or HV.

AladdinMum Sun 07-Mar-21 22:05:38

Autism is not a speech disorder so may or may not affect speech just like many other things - speech delays are very common at this age.

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