Normal 3 year old behaviour???

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Mck87 Wed 24-Feb-21 01:29:14

My daughter is 3 and has always been what I would describe as highly strung, from the day she was born. She talks from the minute she wakes up and doesn't stop until she sleeps, she also repeats 2 or 3 words from nearly every sentence we say to her like for example if I said look at the dog she would say " the dog". she makes me cover her with her blanket before she sleeps about 20 to 30 times a night and she will say "cosy me". She will only talk to a very select few people she gets so shy if anybody says anything to her she just gets up on my lap and buries her head in my chest, im just wondering if anyone has any advice or been through similar and the child grew out of it


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BunnyRuddington Wed 24-Feb-21 08:27:24

Having to settle a 3 yo upto 30 times a night isn't usual no.

Have you told your HV about your concerns?

Mck87 Wed 24-Feb-21 09:20:08

I told her about the shyness a year ago and she could see it for herself because she was crying and had her head buried in me and wouldn't even look at the hv. She makes me cover her about 20 to 30 times before she falls asleep and I co sleep with her since she's been a few weeks old so I dont think she's doing it out of loneliness, it seems to be a habit that she has, a very tiring one.

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BunnyRuddington Wed 24-Feb-21 17:11:42

The repeating words thing is not very usual either, well my in my experience. How's her speech generally? Has she ever been to SLT? According to this on Echolalia they need a SLT assessment if they've doing it after 30 months thanks

Mck87 Wed 24-Feb-21 18:37:04

Her speech is really good, I havent ever noticed any problems with it, she is a little chatterbox she's always talking and always wants conversation, she just repeats the last few words of a sentence that we say to her and she repeats it in a tone like it's a question, it's hard to explain without actually hearing her doing it.

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BunnyRuddington Wed 24-Feb-21 19:47:41

I'm probably a bit out of my depth but did the article on Echolalia sound familiar?

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