4 year old, repeating same phrase over and over

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thereserves Sun 21-Feb-21 18:52:21


Our 4 year old girl over the last week has started to repeat the same phrase over and over under her breath. It sounds something like “one more and it’s done”. She can say it 10 times in 5 minutes, we were out playing all morning and I didn’t hear her say it. However she’s probably said it 30 times in the last hour at home. She can say it in between sentences or just in its own.

She was at school before lockdown even though young for her school year she was doing well, she’s super social and seems normal in herself.

Should note she has started strange sleeping habits, she doesn’t really want to sleep in her bed, she sometimes wants to sleep on the floor and sometimes is play / travel bed she has, plus she stays up for a few hours after she’s supposed to be in bed messing around.

We have a pretty stressful house at the moment as we’re selling and planning to move + lockdown + homeschooling + home working.

This sounds wrong to say but I kinda hope it is the stress that’s causing it and it’ll pass when things add settled. However I worry it’s something worse, it’s almost like a tick of sorts.

If anyone has experienced anything similar would appreciate hearing back.

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FortunesFave Sun 21-Feb-21 19:36:42

It does sound a bit like a verbal tick...I had a verbal tick for around a year or a bit less when I was about 6. I used to make an odd sound under my breath. Mine just went away on it's own....I remember my family being amused/bemused about it and nobody fussing much.

Not that you shouldn't worry of course...we know more these days. At the moment I would work on ensuring she gets more sleep...she may be a bit stressed as you say and sleep is vital.

Make sure she has no sugary drinks or food after about 4.00pm and also try to get her into audio stories for sleep which can relax kids.

Is she having a bath before bed?

thereserves Sat 13-Mar-21 13:43:36

Thanks for your reply.

She stopped this after about a week. So for anyone else try not to worry as much as I did.

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