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JiltedJohnsJulie Tue 12-Jan-21 14:54:55

When my DS went through a patch of not reading at that age I got him a copy of match and the beano. He kept on reading the Beano fora few weeks then picked up books again.

I've never been fussy over what they read as long as they're reading smile

Jannt86 Tue 12-Jan-21 08:37:36

I could recommened the obvious roald dahl and david walliams but I expect you thought of those?Or maybe the horrible histories/science books if he's a bit geeky. We also recently got a book called The Wolab by Tom Fletcher of all people in a happy meal. It seems right up the street of a 7YO boy tbh. It's about gross but friendly monsters that live under our bed and collect all the gross stuff from there lol. My LO is younger (only 2.5) but it's quite long and she's sat and listened to the whole lot a couple of times and she's normally like the duracell bunny so it must have had something engaging lol. He's written similar stories as proper books too if you google him. It really depends what your son is into though I guess and his reading ability.

BackAwayFatty Mon 11-Jan-21 20:52:09

Can anyone recommend books for a 7 year old boy who doesn't enjoy reading?

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