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Smokey23 Wed 23-Dec-20 14:22:36

Need some advice....

We have our 18mos pedia coming up soon and im freaking nervous about his milestone.. he can barely speak a word, he once spit out some words but did not repeat it again.. he says baba, mama, daddy, papa, aaaaa, all the time he tried the elepheant and jelly fish the other day but never again... he made very good eye contact, he plays with me and loves hide and seek... he barely point into something and only knows his tummy, he once did ears before but never again

I know this might be a speech delay but here in north america they really go by the book...

We speak two language at home so i know this is also a factor of delay and he is still in pacifier..

I am very worried.. but my husband keeps telling me he is fine, i also talk to few mom and they say it is normal as theirs didnt speak till 2.5yrs old or even till now.. 😢

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JingleJohnsJulie Wed 23-Dec-20 22:05:04

It's totally normal for a baby to be a bit behind in speech if they are learning more than one language and from what you've said, he doesn't actually seem that behind.

Have a read of this progress checker and see what you think smile

Smokey23 Wed 23-Dec-20 22:24:53

@JingleJohnsJulie thank you for your response! We had our appointment today and our pedia said he is perfectly fine from she sees today on how he interact with things, people and sorroundings..

I know this me overthinking and googling so much... but i feel like i put so much pressure on him because of what i see with other kids in his age, i know they develop differently and shouldnt compare him with other kids, but as a mom it worries me.

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JingleJohnsJulie Thu 24-Dec-20 12:34:12

i know they develop differently and shouldnt compare him with other kids, but as a mom it worries me.

Worrying about how your child is developing is just a sign of being a good Mum.

If you are googling though, try to keep to sites that give evidence based information or just ask on here smile

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