Almost 5 year old will not sit still

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ShelleyI83 Mon 21-Dec-20 13:40:06

DD is 5 in Feb. She literally cannot sit still. When having screen time for example she moved her legs, touches things, swings off the door handle, lies on the floor. It is the most irritating thing! She is a nail biter and often biting her nails. When in a shop she will touch everything and just will not listen to being told no.
However at pre school apparently this isn’t a cause for concern. They haven’t noticed anything untoward. She can sit nicely when playing something she really wants to play with.
Should I be concerned?

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KylieKangaroo Mon 21-Dec-20 20:06:02

Sounds normal to me, my DD is the same!

tempnamechange98765 Tue 22-Dec-20 15:33:25

Yes my almost 5 year old is forever fidgeting, doing headstands on the sofa, sitting on the floor, bouncing around etc.

SuperSleepyBaby Wed 23-Dec-20 01:04:25

Maybe she has energy to use up. You could get a mini trampoline or a balance board?

Aria999 Wed 23-Dec-20 22:34:08

Yeah sounds like she's suffering from... being almost 5. I have one too!

Trampoline in front of the tv if you can't stand it? Fidget toys?

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