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Siritops Wed 09-Dec-20 13:46:23

Is it better to be strict to your child?

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Jannt86 Wed 09-Dec-20 19:22:31

That's such a generalised question. I think where a lot of people struggle (myself included) is being firm but fair and loving. I think consistency and allowing age appropriate autonomy is key

plumpootle Wed 09-Dec-20 20:37:59

No, I don't think it is.

Mary8076 Thu 10-Dec-20 23:53:23

It depends on what strict means. I believe the best is a mix of unconditional love, endless displays of affection, understanding and encouragement, along with very clear and consistent rules, boundaries, requests and the corresponding clearly prearranged rewards and punishments.

Aria999 Mon 14-Dec-20 14:57:07

Agree with mary8076

I also try not to say no unless I have to (can I put up with this mildly annoying behavior, yes, ok then) but when I say no then that's final.

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