Baby only nurses for 4 minutes awake/ or one letdown

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SoraSky Mon 07-Dec-20 23:57:45

Hi all!

My second time in posting here now!

I am a FTM to a lovely little 6 month old boy.

We have had a bit of a rocky go at it since about three weeks old. He began with SR, which is now all under control. Which lead to terrible sleep. Anyways, continuing on, at about 6 weeks old he began to get fussy with both bottle and breast. Refusing bottle, and only taking short breastfeeds. This continued to the point where he would only nurse well when asleep during his naps! So we have basically been sleep feeding during naps since then.

Recently, he has started to nurse awake, but he will fuss for the letdown to begin- drink that up and then he's finished. So the total session is about 4 or 5 min if we are lucky.

I do have a fast letdown (it sprays when he comes off sometimes). So I wonder if he could be getting enough in that time? I just wonder because if he falls asleep feeding or I dreamfeed him, he will drink for longer and get multiple letdowns.

How long do your 6 month old nurse for? How long after the initial letdown will your baby stay on for? What's your 6 month or older baby nursing behaviour like?

I do know they get aware and want to check out the world while nursing- but idk if this is normal as I'm a FTM!

All the best and thank you for helping and reading! smilebiscuit

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jumperweather Tue 08-Dec-20 14:30:17


I didn't BF so I'm just bumping for you!

How often does he nap? Do you think the dreamfeeds could affect his feeding time when awake?

What's his weight like ? Is he following his growth curve?

Try and follow his lead as much as possible and don't stress, I only say that because my little girl got a bottle aversion because we kept offering the bottle and she'd only take small amounts and she was (and still is) very small at 20months BUT what I didn't realise is that she was just following her specific growth curve and I didn't need to stress or try to offer feeds too much.

Just be careful as breast aversion can happen too, and when they get a breast or bottle aversion they are often better with dream feeding because they aren't aware.

SoraSky Tue 08-Dec-20 21:10:25

Hi Jumperweather,

Thanks for the response!

I do think it may be slight aversion, but a little better than before.

He has quick naps about 3/4 per day of usually 30 min each sometimes if lucky 1-1.5 hours.

He’s a big boy and has been from birth. Was 3.8kg at birth and now 9.0kg at 6 months old but has been following his curve since birth.

He does fuss at the breast sometimes, other times he will drink quite happily for 4 min/1 letdown and that’s it.

I’m thinking to give just awake feeds a go after naps and see what happens- just worried that if he is actually taking less then he needs when awake in those four minutes or so, my supply may get low.

Sorry to hear of your bubs aversion. It’s so scary. I never knew that they could have such a thing! How did you overcome or manage the aversion to the bottle?

Thanks for the bump and reply flowers

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SoraSky Tue 08-Dec-20 21:12:26

I forgot to add! He doesn’t really show hunger cues- so I just offer every three hours or so, around nap time is when he is more receptive. He will have a quick drink awake which is better than the 0 awake before- then I’ll put to sleep and finish the feed. 😴

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jumperweather Wed 09-Dec-20 08:06:36

@SoraSky I'm glad that he's following his curve nicely!

My advice to you, more than anything is that you need to relax and follow his feeding cue, the reason he doesn't have any is probably because you're offering the breast before he's fully hungry which could be why he's only feeding for a short time, I would also stop the dreamfeed. Maybe you can keep them for nighttime only if you think his volumes were too low throughout the day?

I know you're worried about your supply, is there any way you could pump in between? I know he doesn't take the bottle right now, but he may in future once he isn't being pressured, and that way you can relax a bit more ?

I hope I'm not coming across as mean or anything! I'm just trying to type this quickly as I've got to get up with the kids smile

Another thing - read this book : (I know it says bottle, but it works for breast too!)

And join this group on Facebook:

jumperweather Wed 09-Dec-20 08:10:07

I've posted a pic of the group to join, everyone is really lovely on there. They will give you lots of advice smile

With my daughter, we had to learn to back right off and just listen to her. If she only took 30ml in a feed? Ok. We waited until she cried for milk again, sometimes that was 3-4 hours later. Over time, probably a couple of months her volumes increased all on there own.

It took us a long time to get there though, our daughter was diagnosed with CMPA, reflux, and we had a feeding tube in her at one point due to 'failure to thrive'. then my husband found this book and it literally changed our lives smile

I'd recommend ! X

SoraSky Wed 09-Dec-20 08:11:12

Hello again @jumperweather 😊

Not mean at all! All very good and valid advice I believe and I understand not much time to respond being a parent!

I’m thinking I’ll give it a go. Only feeding through the day awake and if he refuses I’ll pump or if he only drinks a little amount I’ll pump. And monitor his nappies.

Did you overcome your bubs aversion using the methods in that book? I have come across it before actually, so I know the no pressure approach. I think that’s the best way forward too.

Just had a five min awake feed! Very good, but he was making unusual grunting noises kind of like he was uncomfortable... idk what that’s meant to be! As he has not done that before. Always something else to keep me on my toes 😴

Thanks for the response again anyways. It’s appreciated!

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jumperweather Wed 09-Dec-20 08:14:20

It may not be perfect for your situation, but even if it helps a little with your anxiety around feeding and how much he's taking, it will be better for you both x

jumperweather Wed 09-Dec-20 08:19:17

@SoraSky I'm sure I can do a nice long reply for you later! Haha!
Now I've said that they won't bloody nap will they!

Your plan for the day sounds good to me, it will be hard but remember that he knows what he wants and things will improve.

Have you thought about reflux? That can make them a bit grunty after feeding. What's he like after a dream feed ?

And, that book was the only thing that helped with my daughters aversion. And we had to be really strong! There was one day where she only had 60ml (during the day) ! But, it was a good day as before that she had stopped taking the bottle :entirely (wasn't helped by the feeding tube)

SoraSky Wed 09-Dec-20 08:24:30

@jumperweather thank you so much for replying!

Haha, yes they know when the “best” time to nap is and stay awake. Cheeky little things.

Wow.. that’s amazing that you were able to over come the aversion like that. Especially as you had also been using a feeding tube. Good on you for your hard work and persistence.

I’ll definitely give it a go then. Thank you for the inspiration.

After a dreamfeed he seems quite fine; just continues sleeping.

He did have silent reflux from 3weeks to 8 weeks though. But that was characterised through his constant unsettled ness, inability to lie flat and grunting 24/7. He has none of those now. Unless there is still a mild reflux when he is drinking. I’m not sure. Oh babies!

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jumperweather Wed 09-Dec-20 08:46:30

@SoraSky Have you started weaning yet? X

SoraSky Thu 10-Dec-20 01:57:18

@jumperweather yes we have! He's enjoying mash and purée atm. Too nervous to jump straight into finger foods xo

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