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Feebeedeebee Wed 02-Dec-20 20:52:19

DD has just turned 5. Split with her dad 2 years ago. He's an angry person and unfortunately DD will have witnessed his aggression towards me before I kicked him out.

Mostly, she's a really loving little girl. Sometimes though she gets really angry. Lots of screaming, shouting, throwing things, slamming doors. Hitting too.

Tonight, we were messing around and out of the blue she slapped me with full force around the face. It hurt so much (still does) and I was so shocked that I just left the room and shut the door behind me leaving her in her bedroom. Didn't take long for her to come and find me to say sorry. I can't get her to understand that hitting is not ok. That you can't do it, say sorry and everything will be ok.

She's asleep now whilst I'm sat here with a throbbing face wondering where I've gone wrong.

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LouiseTrees Wed 02-Dec-20 23:47:58

Sit her down tomorrow and tell her the apology doesn’t remove the fact she did something bad and ask her does she understand how it made you feel ( basically to assess if she at least has empathy).

Hirewiredays Thu 03-Dec-20 02:27:06

I was told you need to cry in front of the to show how much it hurts. If my son does this to me we make a big fuss about how much pains another person is in.

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