2 year takes night time bottle.

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DrJones1 Tue 01-Dec-20 08:11:13

Hi Everyone, first time posting in Mumsnet. Here goes. My LO is 2 years old and still taking bedtime bottle. This has not been a problem for us as he would have slept through the night. Early to bed round 7.30-8pm and normally awake between 6-7am with 1 hour nap. He has had a bout of illness with colds and I feel a period of sleep regression as he wouldn't nap and prior to the illness was waking through the night and super early in the mornings. we've always settled him back with a bottle. We just didn't know what other way to settle him without a riot. He rarely woke before but I feel the bottle has now become part of the problem as he may be wakening for the bottle. In the early hours you do anything to get them back over. I'm afraid this has now become a habit and I'd like to stop the bottle altogether. I have read about watering the bottle over a period until it's all water and they might decide themselves they don't want it. Then....there's cold turkey which is actually causing me anxiety the thought of it but if I thought it worked and quickly I would give it a go. Has anyone any experience of doing this that could offer me some advise please? Thanks in advance.

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