Clingy and weepy 4 year old advice please :(

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Mummypig2016 Fri 27-Nov-20 17:02:02

I have a wonderful 4 year old daughter who is usually quite independent but can struggle with her emotions (as in she cries quite often for little reason).
I'm currently 33 weeks pregnant with my second daughter and I have quite bad SPD so I've been on crutches for about a week now. I struggle to take my 4yo to school but the school let me drop her at the gate and come collect her from me which is super helpful. This has been going on since Monday. Her dad has also just started a new job on Monday after a few months of being made redundant which, again, is a big change by for her.
I know all these big changes for her must be so massive to her and she's just come back from 2 weeks isolation as well with both me and my partner there constantly. My poor girl is probably very overwhelmed with everything going on. She's been moody, argumentive and weepy all week at school and home, but has been so clingy which isn't like her. I can't even do the dishes without her standing next to me crying telling me to stop and come cuddle her or standing at the back door screaming for her dad. It's all so heartbreaking.
She's been waking a lot during the night too, and comes in to wake me up to tell me she loves me. Like I appreciate the love but at 33 weeks pregnant I could do without being woken at 3am 😬😂
I'm honestly not sure how to tackle this or how to help her. It's been getting worse all week and me and my partner both feel exhausted by it all. If anyone has any tips or similar experiences I'm all ears.
Thanks for reading.

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JiltedJohnsJulie Fri 27-Nov-20 21:02:50

Those are big changes I agree but could she be feeling a bit under the weather? I think it's worth giving her sone paracetamol to see if her mood improves. If you can, see if she'll have some tine cuddling with you tomorrow too watching a film or CBeebies, she's probably missing you a bit now she's back at school smile

Mummypig2016 Fri 27-Nov-20 22:38:36

Thank you for replying smile I have wondered several times this week if she's a bit poorly, she's definitely not been herself. She can be a fussy eater but she's been crying every meal time this week saying she's too tired to eat sad lots of cuddles tomorrow and some Calpol too I think x

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raising2children Sat 28-Nov-20 13:06:04

it sounds like you little girl is seeking comfort and lots of it which is hard to do anything else! It's been a tough year - that close comfort from school will be missing too.
If you like reading about attachment parenting which comfort is one of the key components for secure attachment. Here is my article -

My 4yrs old boy needs alot of comfort - in fact he's probably slept through the night 10 times in his lifetime - it's exhausting. Attachment parenting says keep responding to the emotional needs and at some point, they will not need it as much. {this is because they know they can get it if needed}. I also have a 2yrs old and he's so much more confident, however, he has his big brother to comfort him too!

33weeks pregnant is tiring - feet up and a cuppa when you can. Probably with your daughter on you knee!

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