How to get 8 month old to sleep

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jabice Wed 25-Nov-20 18:43:56

I have been pushing my 8 month old Daughter in the pram to get her to sleep for both naps and at bedtime.

It's not really a problem in the day, however it is becoming a bit of an issue at bedtime.

I know we did controlled crying with my eldest, but she was a very easy baby and she just whinged rather than cried. My youngest is an absolute psycho, and I imagine she would scream the house down if we tried it. I don't want to put her through that really, so any advice welcome.

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JiltedJohnsJulie Wed 25-Nov-20 21:04:02

How would she be if you held her and then put her down when she was asleep?

jabice Wed 25-Nov-20 21:32:30

I've bobbed her to sleep once or twice recently. It takes about 10/15 mins and she lets me put her down fine once she's asleep.

I sort of want her to learn to be able to settle herself when I put her in the cot when she is awake, but tired.

Do 8 months old even do this?? I really can't remember!

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lyssie29 Wed 25-Nov-20 23:08:39

My daughter sounds similar. I read the baby whisperer book and did shush/pat then did gradual withdrawal etc. I did have to also let her cry for small amounts of time. Just a couple of minutes then I'd go back in. I did it for 4 days I think and then she slowly but surely went to sleep by herself so it really was a combination of a few different techniques. I just had to really be consistent once you start doing it you can't go back or youll have undone it all. You could try that book I found it helpful. It also talks about routines and how to get out of habits formed like rocking to sleep etc. I put her in a routine and she ended up napping at the same time every day no problem. I also only ever put her in her cot to sleep.

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