9 months 1 week old.

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NaomiSophia Tue 24-Nov-20 22:20:43

My daughter is soon to be ten months. She hates being on her stomach, so isn’t crawling just sitting up and leaping forward. She’s walking well assisted, but can’t stand yet or has no want to pull herself up on things. She hasn’t had her first tooth yet and refuses to sleep in her own room after several nights and weeks/months of trying. I’m at my wits end, I’m trying everything I can possibly do. Fresh meals, lots of water, teething gels, vitamins, play time, she’s outside lots and now I’m back at work. This is my first child and a lockdown baby none the less as 100% of her existence has been during covid. I really don’t know what to do as she eating well, sleeping is much less than it should be. For example she’s awake right now. I have no female support ie mum etc to help me so I’m trying to work this out on my own with hours and hours spent reading and researching. Please any help would be great x

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LouiseTrees Tue 24-Nov-20 23:13:33

Have you tried a tummy time spinner toy or lying her on her stomach but one your stomach when you are lying on your back? I would raise this with your health visitor. Can she roll front to back and back to front? Some babies though never crawl they just bum shuffle then cruise then walk. Re the sleep bit though, what’s your routine like , are you trying to put her down awake? Would she feed to sleep?

JiltedJohnsJulie Wed 25-Nov-20 07:45:35

I think sleep is a separate issue really. There's a huge sleep regression at nine months and you might still be suffering from this. It's also very normal for a 10 month old to wake at sone points, by 12 months half of all babies are still waking and need sone sort of parental intervention to get back off. There are some studies on normal infant sleep here smile

If you want her to sleep in her own room, is she sleeping with you currently? You could try sleeping with her sheets for a couple of nights before you put them back on her cot so that she has the nice, comforting smell of you whilst she's in there.

As fir the crawling, my DS didn't crawl at that age or pull himself up either but could walk with assistance. I'd mention it to the HV but my DS is fine academically and physically (after worrying me so much about not crawling) smile

JiltedJohnsJulie Wed 25-Nov-20 07:48:42

Sorry don't know why I though she was 10 months blush

NaomiSophia Wed 25-Nov-20 08:37:07

She can roll, sit up from lying flat etc! We’ve bought every toy imaginable for tummy time etc! She just gets so frustrated every time she’s in that position. She defientl6 does bring her knees up now and shakes back and forth but then leaps and face plants the ground! I’ve tried the comforter we got in NICU so she can smell me or I’ll hug her blanket then give her that! It’s more a case of when she wakes she grabs out and then when I’m not there it’s instant sobbing and that’s her wide awake. With sleep regression what can help? I’ve even tried banana at dinner time as I heard an old wives tale that said it can help with sleep 😂😂

She gets fed around 5 and finished by 5:45. We then let her settle for 15 minutes, get her bathed and dressed for bed. We then let her wind down for about 20 minutes so by 6:30/7 she has her bottle. The bottle some time’s gets her straight to sleep but most of the time we just give her a little hug and then put her in her crib when she’s out. I’ve tried cutting the cuddles out but she just wakes from any drowsy state within 5 minutes of putting her down. I’ve tried leaving her and she just cries constantly

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JiltedJohnsJulie Wed 25-Nov-20 08:55:50

To be honest I reveal it would try any sleep training at this age, especially with a 9 month old as they may just start to settle in a couple of weeks anyway.

There's a bit on sleep regressions here and we found the No Cry Sleep Solution helpful too.

I really would sleep with her sheets for two nights at least as well smile

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