Does lack of pointing always mean autism/ Mchat question

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Toffeecoffeee Sun 22-Nov-20 22:14:39

I’ve posted previously about my concerns for my now 21 month old.

My main concerns are that he doesn’t point for things he wants or to show me something interesting.

When he wants something he reaches with his whole hand and he does point to pictures in books and will look at me and wait for me to label the picture. He also follows my point when I say “look”and point at an object.

What’s confusing is that although he doesn’t point to show me something interesting instead if he sees something he will look at it say what it is and look at me, eg the other day he looked out the window said moon and then looked to me and his dad so we went over to the window and said yes moon!

My second question regarding the mchat is that he currently fails by 5 on the following:

- doesn’t pretend play
- Doesn’t point to request
- Doesn’t point to show
- Doesn’t copy me
- Doesn’t turn if I turn to look at something (not really sure the best way to test this one)

I know the mchat goes up to the age of 30 months so if he passes the mchat say at 30 months could there still be a chance he is autistic because he pointed late/ never pointed?

He has been referred some months ago to a paediatrician but not sure how long that will take!

Hope this makes sense x

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CP2701 Mon 23-Nov-20 00:33:17

I think it's basically an indicator... On its own, if a child is late to point, it doesn't mean much. But with a few other issues, it becomes more of a big deal.

How is his speech? And how does he tell you he wants something? How is his understanding?

weepingwillow22 Mon 23-Nov-20 07:14:20

I think the pointing is mainly about joint attention, it is good he is able to do this verbally. The lack of imitation and pretend play may be more of an indicator.

Toffeecoffeee Mon 23-Nov-20 10:31:31

Hi thanks so much for both of your replies.

CP2701- if he wants something in another room he tends to come to me look at me and moan and then I’ve to follow him to what it is he wants. If it’s something just out of reach he will reach/ direct his whole hand to it.

Understanding- he understands some things like close the door, go upstairs, bath time, no, put it in the bin. But he doesn’t understand things like go get your shoes or pass me the ball.

Speech- he has 6 words and 5 animal sounds but they don’t all sound as their supposed to if that makes sense.

WeepingWillow- the lack of imitation is really tough going I think your right that this will be more of an indicator.

I am just so worried, can’t stop thinking about it. I think he is on the spectrum and sometimes I seem to deal with it ok but then other times I feel sick with worry because I just want him to be ok and not struggle.

Just going through a bit of a blip I think and feeling overwhelmed, I wish I could cope with it all better than I am right now x

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