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who is gina ford?

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inga Mon 23-Sep-02 19:48:03

Hi, who is this Gina Ford and her method I have come across a couple of times? Any website address?

Jasper Mon 23-Sep-02 19:51:46

inga she is a maternity nurse who has written books on getting babies into sleeping and feeding routines which she claims make for contented babies and happy parents.
Many parents swear by her.
Others swear about her.
Type Gina Ford into the mumsnet search function and you will get a ton of stuff.
I don't think she has a working website yet.

inga Mon 23-Sep-02 19:54:42

Thanks Jasper, both subjects of great interest!

janh Mon 23-Sep-02 21:51:36

Inga? Inga? Rearrange into a well-known name?

Ems Tue 24-Sep-02 12:33:08

Nicely spotted janh!!

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