Am I over feeding my baby?

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NicNac100 Wed 28-Oct-20 21:36:57

Hi all, my baby is 5.5 months old and we’ve been weaning for about a month. She was so ready to start she absolutely loves her food but I’m worried she’s having too much. Can you overfeed a baby? Today for instance she had: Breakfast was milk (6oz) then baby porridge with a little prune and pear purée. Lunchtime she had milk (6oz) then mixed peppers, peas, green beans and sweet potato which I puréed. She had 7oz milk only at around 3pm then Dinner was broccoli sweet potato and apple which I puréed. She sleeps usually 6pm-7am and she’ll wake once in the night for a bottle (5-7oz). She had three heaped tablespoons at EACH meal. As mentioned she’s still having a decent amount of milk albeit gone down to 20-25oz in a 24hr period down from about 32oz. She’s quite chubby but not ridiculously so, she’ll be 6 months in 3 weeks and only just outgrowing her 3-6 months clothes. I worry she’s eating too much but she just loves it, she always has her mouth open for more yet doesn’t cry if I stop - how do I know if I’m giving her too much? She might be unfortunate like me and not have an off button for food hmm grin What sort of amounts do your 5 month olds eat (or ate when they were that age)? Thank you in advance!

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NicNac100 Thu 29-Oct-20 11:27:43

Moving to infant feeding page

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