What does ADHD look like in a 19 month old

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Flyguy2019 Mon 26-Oct-20 19:13:43

Firstly, I feel bad even posting on here as this has never been a thought in my head.... Until my husband mentioned it.

So I have a 19 month old little boy. He is non stop, like non stop. Climbs on everything and always on the move. He will sit and watch TV for short spells and when playing/reading he will sit for that. Albeit not for massive amounts of time.

He has recently started to not want to eat dinner and we believe this is because he wants out of his highchair. As if he can't sit still for that long. This usually only happens at dinner time. Breakfast/lunch are not as bad.

My husband has mentioned that he thinks he has ADHD. I have looked online and understand it is hard to diagnose so young as toddlers in general are on the go a lot.

Just want to see if anyone who's children have ADHD, could you tell this early on? If so, what were the signs.

For context, and not sure if it matters, he walked at 8 months and literally is non stop talking and copies everything you say. He can also count to 5 and name colours so I assume he is actually paying attention and not just running wild? I may not have a clue though.

Many thanks in advance

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Flyguy2019 Mon 26-Oct-20 19:16:17

Also to add he does hit other children, I intervine every time and is a bit rough with other kids. Will hug them but it looks like a choke hold.

He also understands when I ask him something like go and give that to daddy etc.

Other than that he is honestly such a loving, funny and a delight to be around.

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CP2701 Mon 26-Oct-20 23:12:55


My daughter who is 15, has ADHD. She was diagnosed when she was 6.

At 19 months, she was just like other children. Lots of children are impulsive and have attention issues at such a young age.

It only became really apparent when she was about 4. Other children were developing and had longer attention spans etc and she did not. She would not sit still and she would jump from activity to activity. I couldn't have a proper conversation with her, she couldn't take things in, she would just jump all over me. She has never hit other children.

I don't think ADHD is like autism in that there are such obvious red flags when they are really young.

soffiee Tue 27-Oct-20 02:11:25

Hi op,

I have a 19 month old exactly the same minus the counting and understanding. He isn't at the level he should be at the milestones charts. We can't do any activities whatsoever as he has a very short attention span. He is always on the go the minute he gets up until his nap time and then his off again until bedtime. I have started feeding him standing up and running after him as he won't sit in his hair chair too. He climbs, runs, jumps, empties drawers, opens doors, tries to escape. He is constantly looking for challenges (physical). He is extremely strong and again rough with other kids even though he shows a lot of affection and interest
In them. I am literally like drone flying on top of him trying to intervene so he doesn't hurt himself or other kids. I can't even take him out his car seat first where he won't stand next to the car for a few seconds as he will run off like a headless chicken, I have to leave him last until I'm ready and put him in his reins when I take him out the car. Before COVID I used to take him to baby groups which I used to leave very early as dc would do anything and be occupied with anything other than joining the group. He was happier closing doors and being destructive than playing musicals. He has only recently started showing interest in toys but that's 30 seconds max before he throws them or goes on to another challenge. I too think he has ADHD. I'm sorry I have hijacked your thread but I'm also interested to read if anyone has any experiences about how their kids who have ADHD were when they were younger and what made them decide to get a diagnosis.

Sorry and thank you 😊

Flyguy2019 Tue 27-Oct-20 05:04:34

Thank you both for replying.

I did read online that it is so difficult to get a diagnosis at an early age as a lot of signs would show in normal toddler's too.

@soffiee thank you for your post. As much as it is such a worry thinking about these little ones, it's nice to know you are not the only person in this boat. Have you asked your health visitor about it? I am not sure whether to even say anything at the moment. It is so tough. Were you or child's father like that when you were younger? My parents said I was very much on the go 24/7 always up to mischief but as an adult, although active, I love time on my own doing nothing and definately wouldn't say I have Adhd. Its such a fine line between wild child and ADHD I think.

Would be good to get more posts from people with experience x

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CP2701 Tue 27-Oct-20 07:03:47

The characteristics you have described in your child are very common for a toddler.

surreygirl1987 Tue 27-Oct-20 11:22:16

My 2 year old is the same. It's normal to wonder if something is wrong - I'm awful for that - but actually I think that at this age it's just normal toddler behaviour. Comparing toddlers isn't helpful as there is a massive range of normal. They do change very quickly too.

soffiee Tue 27-Oct-20 14:36:36

@Flyguy2019 hi again, apparently I was very boisterous when I was that age but also easily influenced as I had an older brother with a 18 month age gap, so I was more like a tomboy but not as active. My mum says she has never seen a child like my DS who won't sit at all and with that much energy, she says just watching DS for a few minutes makes her eyes go blurry as he is like the Tasmanian devil 😂. My mil said DH was similar to DS, so I'm guessing it's genetics. DH is still very active and on the go and it is tiring to keep up with him in general.

DS is lacking on social and communication, although he has been pointing and sharing interest for some months now and is very alert with his surroundings. He responds when we say his name but he isn't interested in doing activities or engaging that much socially and his understanding isn't very good, just the bare minimum as he is too busy being so physical. I have friends toddlers who are similar age to DS and they are very different in terms of interest and sometimes it's not hard to compare them. But I've heard from many people, although it could be old wives tales that hyperactive and curious babies tend to be smart and intelligent adults in the future. So, I'm holding on to that thought for the moment smile good luck and enjoy him x

tostaky Fri 30-Oct-20 06:30:17

What about his sleep? It is common (but not systematic) for ADHD kids to not sleep a lot.
Emotion regulation is a big one as well for Adhd.
Then there is also the “hyperfocus” be ause ADHD is not a lack of attention but an inability to regulate attention.
My 12 yo boy with a diagnostic of ADHD has always been very demanding, always on the go and never really slept. When he was 19months old, he was throwing himself on the floor in tantrums (who said they only start at 2 years old!), hyperfocusing on books and absolutely whinging all the time except if we were out of the house (hello fellow parents at 8am in the playground!). He is bright and because of this he got his diagnostic quite late, only in Year 5. I wish we had done it earlier (in Year 3 when things really started to be difficult at school). He is fun, creative and smart but still has no idea how to regulate himself. Still very demanding.
My 8yo started climbing the walls (literally) when he was 2. However it turns out he hasnt got ADHD, he only likes climbing (currently looking for climbing clubs in the area!)

moanamom Thu 19-Nov-20 19:57:18

Hello - jumping on as you have described my 16 month old son. I am also concerned he may have ADHD. PP mentioned no sleep, my son has never been a great sleeper, he goes through stages of sleeping 6pm-5am (on a very good night) but most of the time we are up & down a few times during the night trying to settle him eventually ending up in our bed where he will sleep through. Maybe that's because it's a habit. He is an OK napper but not recently due to teething. Behaviour wise I am struggling with him at the moment. He is very demanding, whiny, climbs on everything, pulls my hair, jumps off the sofas, he is fearless. He climbs out of the shopping trolley, will run away if I got him out the car first also, pulls on baby gate & screams, obsessed with brushing his teeth?, will not sit & watch tv for very long, throws his food, has started fighting to go in the car seat and to be honest, i am struggling. I hope it's just his age & he will get easier. Other than all that, he is very clever, understands most commands, says over 10 words, walking since 11 mo, kisses & cuddles us. Sorry for the long post but I'm glad I have found it. x

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