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Mumma2015 Mon 26-Oct-20 16:49:20


Just looking for some advice on how to manage a boisterous little boy!

My DS is 2 (the younger of 2 siblings my DD is 5) but he is terrible for biting/smacking and hitting.

He's at nursery a couple of days a week and I haven't had any complaints, but I get such dread going on play dates just wondering what trouble he'll cause.

Whenever he hits/bites I get down to his eye level tell him no in a stern voice and let him see the consequences (usually an upset older sister). I've introduced time out so I take him out the situation, place him in timeout and once he comes out I'll make him say sorry (which he does). Everyone tells me "it's just a phase" and he's a typical boy, but my DD was never a "biter/hitter" and I feel like this phase is never ending.

Can anyone offer any advice?

Thank you.

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ColourMeExhausted Tue 27-Oct-20 21:43:47

No advice but I'm there with you! Could have written this post. DS is 2 (3 next week) and for the past 6 months (possibly longer) has been hitting, pushing and throwing. He did add biting to his repertoire but thankfully has stopped - for now. And he hits at nursery!

He has phases where he calms down...but right now it's very bad. He has real strength too so can cause a lot of hurt and like you, usually it's his 5 year old sister who's the victim. Playdates are also a source of stress, i used to bring him along to his sister's playdates but it's easier now to just leave with DH because I know he will hit her friends.

We've tried time out, zero tolerance, tske toys away, distraction...nothing is working. He has a ferocious temper and it can be impossible to get through to him. He hits when he's not angry too, it's a game to him. Like you, I never had this with DD and it's exhausting. It worries me a bit that he doesn't seem to be forming friendships at nursery (although guess lockdown hasn't helped) and I do wonder if his aggression plays a part in this.

So you are not alone! Wish I had answers though...

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