3 week old projectile vomiting

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bethhamnett Sun 25-Oct-20 07:59:54

Hi everyone,

I’m a first time mum and looking for advice. My 3 week old projectile vomits after some of his bottles, not all of them, but he did it 3 times yesterday. I have spoken to my midwife about this and they aren’t concerned because he’s putting on weight, passing urine and opening his bowels - even though I told them he’s been constipated & needs help when having a number 2, they just told me to change my bottles. I was using the anti colic tommee tippee ones but now switched to the mam bottles as they have a longer teat. They also suggested to go up to teat 2 as he may be working too hard to get the milk, therefore taking in too much air which is making him sick. He was doing well for the first few days but has now gone back to projectile vomiting. It’s really getting me down as I don’t want him to be suffering. Please if anyone else has gone through anything similar can you share some advice?

P.s I’m using Hipp formula

Thanks in advance smile

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attillathenun Sun 25-Oct-20 09:04:08

Can you ring the health visitor instead? They are much more useful for stuff like that than the midwives I found. Maybe also try a different brand of milk, I know people say they are all the same but SMA and aptimil made my DD really sicky and Hipp is the only formula she could tolerate. If he’s doing lots of wet nappies though try not to worry, shows he’s definitely getting something and not throwing everything up.

Inthesky42 Mon 26-Oct-20 13:44:16

Try smaller feeds more frequently as baby may be getting too full during the feed, then feeling the need to vomit.
If it is excorist style vomiting speak to the GP as it could be pyloric stenosis which needs sorting x

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