Being taken into hospital for constant high temp anyone been though this?

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L1416 Sat 24-Oct-20 00:56:43

A few weeks ago I posted about how my 4 year old for the last year has been having high temps at least twice a month that last 48 hours with another symptoms the temp can range between 38-41.c we did think its to do with him not having a poo for a few days after documenting that also but now its just out of the blue so I've been in touch with our gp as i asked for some testing as to why he keeps getting high temps and he got in contact with our peadiatricain who has replied now saying -

"That when he gets high temp spikes we need to phone our gp make them aware and then take him up to our children's unit in hospital (1 hour away) for him to be assessed.

If it's a weeked day we have go straight to a+e who will then refer us into the unit. They can't do anything basically untill his having one of the episodes"

Now I have a copy of both the referal letter and the peadiatricain letter as some proof and I can understand why it needs to be seen as it's happening.
But last time I sat in that a+e was when he was 3 weeks old he had sepsis and broncholitis and I sat there for 9 hours!!! Waiting to be seen and admitted into the unit. So I can't imagine at all how this is going to work.

It's not Covid related before anyone suggests this. His had numerous covid tests this has been going on for a year and there must be a reason as to why.... he is 4 he is small for his age and he possibly is somewhere on the Autistic spectrum he has a delayment of certain areas speech and social communication are his main ones and he also is awaiting an mri for vacant episodes.
Has anyome been through something like this what assessment did doctors do? And did you easily get into the childrens unit ?

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jogalong Sun 25-Oct-20 10:37:07

Sounds like you need to take him to a paediatrician alright. They can do blood tests to outrule infection etc. They will do a full check inc look at his tonsils or any area that might cause recurrent infection which would cause the high temps. Bring a urine sample and they will check this too.
If he's having vacant episodes he prob needs to see a paediatric neurologist.
The gp either should be able to examine him Every time he gets a high temp to see what's causing it. At his age they are prone to regular viral illness. Would he take supplements like a tonic of some sort to boost his immune system? They can be bought like jellies so not too hard to get them to take them. Whats his diet like?

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